Vacation Part Six: Rounding Out With Randomness

Okay, I swear this is it for the Greece posts. Maybe. But for now, anyway. This is a random collection of things that I didn’t quite know what to do with, so off we go!

Pimpest car on the island!

Find me a 6 year old who can read and comprehend this warning. Please.

Leaving these ferries kind of felt like leaving a bomber. When the back gate goes down, it’s pretty epic. Just gotta do something about the smell…

Love this warning sign. DO NOT RIDE THE DONKEY.

First delicious drinks on the island.

If only these weren’t child-sized… I would have been the happiest flip-flop wearer in the world…

Mad fire-dancing skills outside the bar in Santorini….

 Wanderer Wilkommen. Love that.

Besides the beach and four-wheeling, we also spent an afternoon wine tasting at the Boutari Winery. They do have a tour as well, but we didn’t do that this time. But if the empty glasses are any indication, then it was a good time spent at the winery bar….

Reflections in the balcony door at the hotel… 

This is the wallpaper on my phone. I love this picture. That is all.

Inside the Circus Bar on Ios.

Delicious coffee martinis at the hotel bar. Also, I love those fruit holders.

Again, I think that wraps it up for the posts on Greece. But I do still have a fairly amusing video that a Spambot needs to give me the okay to post…. Spambot? 



2 thoughts on “Vacation Part Six: Rounding Out With Randomness

  1. WHOA! That IS the pimpest car…EVA! And so is the hot chick posing in front of it! ; )

    That six year old warming got a very loud LOL from me! AHAHAHA, So, so, so funny! I'm picturing a 2 year old crawling over, reading it, and being like, 'oh man, 4 years to go…'

    I'm loving these Greece posts, keep 'em coming!

  2. I'm so glad that someone else appreciates the awesomeness of that ride. Xzibit, pimp your heart out. And that warning was truly absurd as well.

    Thanks and I'll see what I can do… I think I'm running out of Greek ammo though. Time for another vacation!

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