All The Small Things: Macro Mountain

I’m a big fan of macro photography. If you break into my house and steal my external hard drive, you will find tons of close-up pictures of flowers, leaves, tree bark, and anything else that strikes my fancy. My camera doesn’t always work with me on this though, so someday when I strike it rich in the German lotto, that’s one of my main criteria for the next camera. 

On the hike in Berchtesgaden, I was having a great time looking for small things to take pictures of. This served dual purposes in that not only did I get to take fun pictures, but I got to take a break. Score! If you read the previous post, you saw that the hike took place in less-than-ideal weather, but I actually loved that everything was wet because that gave me the opportunity to try to get some pictures that showed the conditions as well. As for how they turned out, you tell me.* As always, clicking on the pictures will bring up the photo viewer for larger versions that can be clicked though… enjoy!

These flowers were such a vibrant pink, but sadly that didn’t come through as well as I wanted it to.

Even though these flowers were dead, I kind of loved them.

Anyone know what these are? In person, they were a bit more purple than blue, but so pretty!

Cords wrapped around a tree for the cable car that carries supplies up to the Blaueishütte.

This would have been the weekend to go mushrooming in these woods, we saw so many of them! 

*Unless you think they suck. I prefer constructive criticism, danke!


4 thoughts on “All The Small Things: Macro Mountain

  1. Constructive criticism, well… actually I loved the detail of your photographs. I've not been to Nürnberg yet, guess it's somewhere on my long list, but I look forward to reading some of your adventuires and experiences out here!

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