Going Downhill (In A Good Way)

Last Sunday morning we awoke bright and early in our bunk beds almost on top of a mountain. It was about 7:45, and yet we were almost the last people awake in the Hütte. Pretty understandable though, as I think we were the only people not going climbing, or doing some other activity on the mountain that day. Breakfast is early in the mountains, so we went back down to the dining area and filled up on a typical selection of bread, cheese, meats, etc. The only thing missing was coffee, which was available but (I think), only at an extra charge. Luckily though, tea was complementary, so we had a few cups of that instead. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, and then finished packing ourselves up for the walk back down the mountain. 

We left the house right about 9 o’clock, and were greeted with a day as perfectly crystal clear as you could ask for. The light was absolutely gorgeous on the peaks

I mean, really? If I could wake up to that every Sunday, I would be a happy camper. We also enjoyed listening to that bird, who was answering the little boy who lived in the Hütte. Every time he made a noise, the bird called back. It was pretty funny.

We also had a perfect view of the valley which had been hidden in the cloud the day before…

So gorgeous. I can’t even tell you. Just go. Well, wait until the Hütte reopens next spring. Then go.

Since I didn’t take any pictures of the stairs on the way up, I tried to get some on the way down. Mostly I was trying to capture just how far it was, and how steep it was. Thirty minutes of stair climbing is no joke. 

The way down was much easier than the way up, minus a little knee pinch. I had to be a bit careful after that to not make it any worse, but we got down the stairs unscathed. After that it was smooth sailing down the rest of the mountain, and we had beautiful, cloudless views over the valley.

Sadly the Schärtenalm still wasn’t open, so no beer stop on Sunday either. Grumble. 

Shortly after this, we reached a fork in the road and had to choose: do we go back the way we came and catch the bus, or do we walk down a smaller forest path and go directly into Ramsau? We decided that the first part of the walk had been a little bit boring, and so we took the path straight towards the village instead. The walk from the bus stop to this point was very smooth, wide, and steadily uphill. But the path to the village was much less even. It was mostly very narrow, and wound through the forest along the side of the hill. It would have been more challenging than the other option going up, and so I was happy that we were doing this way on the way down! It was really beautiful though, walking through the forest with fallen leaves and golden light. 

Side note: I fell on my ass directly after taking this picture. My new hiking shoes were pretty much awesome, so it wasn’t their fault. I stepped on one of the wooden logs that cross/fortify the path, it was wet, my foot went sideways, and I went down in a very awkward manner. There is a photo, but I’m not showing it to you. Ha. 

Then we had to decide if we would continue on to Ramsau, or head towards the Hintersee. The path to Ramsau would lead us to a bridge, and remembering the lovely bridges we had passed on the bus, we thought that would be nice. HP was intent on taking a little swim, but I was not real excited at this prospect. I didn’t have a swimsuit, and besides that, it was a bit on the chilly side for me. But I figured we’d cross that bridge (literally), when we came to it. And eventually we did…

Don’t get me wrong, that water looks amazing, but I was not ready to jump in. Unfortunately for HP, there was no convenient way to get down to the water from where we were standing. And can we talk for a second about that house? I want to live there. I don’t even care that the road is right next to it. How beautiful is that? Love it. Love love love it. It’s my wallpaper right now because I want to look at it all the time. I’m going to start saving so I can buy it someday.

At this point we were a bit hungry, HP still wanted to swim, and we needed to figure out the bus situation. I remembered going past this area on the way to where we got off the bus, so we walked along the road to see if we could find one of the other Ramsau stops. A few minutes along the road and we did just that. And even better, the bus wouldn’t come for another hour, and the stop was right across from the Gasthof Oberwirt where we could grab some lunch. 

I don’t know what they do to the beer in Berchtesgaden, but it is damn good.
My lunch, venison goulash with a dumpling, and preiselbeeren.
HP’s lunch, a giant chunk of pork, and dumpling.

We finished lunch just in time for a few more pictures in Ramsau….

and then our bus arrived and we were off home.  Whoops… no time for a swim. Oh well, maybe next time. Again we used the trusty Bayern ticket, which works great as long as you aren’t in a tremendous hurry. The trip to Berchtesgaden from Nürnberg takes more than twice as long via train, but at least you don‘t have to drive after a fairly exhausting weekend. Plus you can enjoy those great beers without having to worry about it. Can’t argue there.


8 thoughts on “Going Downhill (In A Good Way)

  1. Thirty minutes of stair climbing is definitely no joke! But I guess those beautiful views are worth it, although I'm pretty sure my calves and thighs would be super pissed off at me!

  2. Definitely no joke. The views were totally worth it, and my thighs were hurting a bit going up, but my legs were pretty fine until Monday. I think it was going downhill so steeply for 3 hours that did my calves in. Luckily on Monday I didn't have much to do so I could just lay around and let them hurt.

  3. Hardly a warrior… I think if that had come at the beginning of the hike, my attitude would have been more along the 'screw this' line. But since it was two hours in, I was pretty well committed at that point. Kidding… mostly. And definitely no gorgeous legs here, I'm just trying to ward off the dreaded cankle. Eek. As for adventures, it has been a busy couple of months, but I think things will be a bit calmer around here over winter. It might be time to lock myself in the house and rebuild my poor, sad, bank account.

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