Süsser Freitag

All hail the triumphant return of the cake posts!

Yes, after a hiatus of many, many weeks, where no cake was eaten, have I got one for you….

BOOM. That, my good people, is a Schokolade-Banane cake. And probably one of the best cakes I’ve had… ever. On top you can see a thick layer of chocolate creamy goodness, and below that some of the richest, moistest, most amazing chocolate cake with whole pieces of banana inside. It was amazing. 

It’s so good that I don’t even know if I want to tell you where I got it. But because I’m such a nice person and most of you don’t live here anyways (hahahaha), I’ll tell you. 

I met up with my friend Eva yesterday so we could put together our information/pictures from our London trip, which we’re going to have made into a book. Eva was in dire need of cake, but the first place we tried was completely packed. You know, on a Thursday afternoon at 3 o’clock because people never work here. Kidding. Mostly. 

We were heading for our second option when Eva remembered a cafe that her friends had mentioned to her nearby. She said it was something like a cafe inside a florist, which sounded both interesting and kind of weird, and we decided to see if we could find it. We walked just a street over, and there it was. A few tables still sat outside, and inside we found a gorgeous and eclectic mixture of little cafe tables, floral arrangements, candles, toys, and all many of lovely things. 

It seemed to be a pretty popular place, as we were there almost four hours and there was a steady stream in and out the whole time. But with cakes like that, I’m not surprised. They had a variety of coffee drinks, as well as some soft drinks, and my latte macchiato was as delicious as the cake. There was an additional seating area upstairs, but I didn’t go up to check it out… maybe next time. 

The true measure of a cafe these days is it’s Instagram-worthiness. Congrats to La Violetta, you’ve got it. 

  Obere Wörthstraße 10  
90403 Nuremberg, Germany

10 thoughts on “Süsser Freitag

  1. I saw this post and got excited and then disappointed that I might never get to try this cake. Then I saw that the cafe is in Nürnberg! Maybe I can go there!

    I really like the cake and coffee culture that exists here.

  2. Love the coffee/cake culture… Americans could stand to take a leaf out of that book for sure. And it's not a bad trip from here to Austria… especially with the Christmas season coming up. That's prime time for Nürnberg.

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