Hey Berliners II!

Again, referring to people who live in Berlin, and not the jelly-filled donuts…

I think I‘m heading back up north next weekend from Friday or Saturday until Tuesday, and since I got such great suggestions on things to see and do last time I asked, I’m posing another question:

Places to stay… anywhere you recommend or recommend avoiding? I’m looking at probably four nights for two people, and would prefer to not pay a ton (obviously). I’d shoot for somewhere south of 100€. Far, far, far south, if possible, but still in the city.

Any tips??


8 thoughts on “Hey Berliners II!

  1. Airbnb.com My friend let's out a room in her place for 45 EUR a night through the site. She lives in Neukölln. If you're interested I can connect you?

  2. You know, I've never done Airbnb, but have heard mixed reviews about it. I was trolling the site a bit earlier and it looks like there are some really nice options there, so if you could connect me, that would be great! I'm not 100% if we'll need a place or not, so how does your friend feel about last-minute bookings? Either way, get in touch… my email is heathergoesdeutsch@gmail.com. Thanks!!

  3. Thanks for the comment Renata! Always great to hear from someone new. And thanks for the suggestion as well, that place looks pretty nice! Definitely worth looking into 🙂

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