So You Think You Might Be A Deadbeat Blogger…

Do you ever get to that point where there’s so much to say and so much has happened that you don’t know where to start? Because that’s where I’m at. 

Earlier today I got an SMS inquiring if I was still alive, so I thought it was probably a good time to do a little post. So a short update:

1) Berlin was great, and thanks again to those of you who left suggestions about accomodations. Luckily we didn’t need a hotel as we were able to stay with my old flatmate G. So not only did that save us a lot of money, but then we had a built-in tour guide. Score! 

2) Warning: Living in a foreign country during an election may result in you needing to remind yourself just what the electoral college is and how it works. However, this information will not help you when foreigners are questioning what the point of the whole thing is. *headdesk*

3) I realized that I am so ridiculously far behind on travel posting that it’s pretty much futile to try and get up to speed. Instead, I think I have enough material to get through at least the beginning of the winter. So look for those travel posts to come!

4) I’m still not really looking for work because I‘m horribly lazy. I’m also incredibly far behind on paperwork, but despite my excess of free time, whenever I’m alone here, I just lay on the couch and watch bad TV. I doubt I‘ll find any work before Christmas, but I really do need to find some new classes for January if the school I work for isn’t going to find any for me. 

5) The Packers/Lions game just started, and I’m reminded of Harry Potter every time they use the name “Pettigrew.” Apparently it’s not only an Animagus, but also a Lions tight end. This is unrelated to blogging or travel or Germany, but it’s my blog and I’ll digress if I want! 

6) As I mentioned briefly in the hike post, I have started dating someone. This is my first experience dating someone non-native English speaking, and it is interesting. It’s a good kind of interesting, but there are definitely some funny moments. The other day we had a fairly spirited discussion about who exactly Santa Claus is, and when he comes. To be specific, it was Santa Claus vs. Saint Nicolas vs. flying baby Jesus. Crazy talk, I tell you. 

So that’s a short list of what’s going on here, but for now I really must turn my attention to my beloved Green Bay Packers. Happy Sunday all!

Sunset view in the Fränkische Schweiz. Not from today, but it was a Sunday.



7 thoughts on “So You Think You Might Be A Deadbeat Blogger…

  1. Yay! Heather you're alive! Thanks for this recap! And oh la la…dating someone! Bravo! Enjoy all of the comical cultural mishaps! Almost two years into my relationship and we're still laughing about silly things. Is your relationship in German or English?

    Sending you a bisous from Paris!!

    ps – when does your HHI episode air?

  2. Glad you have risen from the dead to show others you are still alive. Question, when are the spambot's deep thoughts being posted??? Get it together!


  3. And thank you for your excitement over my alive-ness! Haha. I hope I can continue to laugh about silly things (of which there are many) for as long as you guys have… and we are most definitely working in English here. My ability to order a beer, count to ten, and identify assorted farm animals or pastries in German really doesn't make for extended amounts of conversation. Plus I can't roll my 'r's properly so anytime I try to say a word with an 'r' in it, I get made fun of. Good times.

    Re: HHI, I haven't heard anything yet… do you know when yours will be on??

  4. Hahaha, I completely forgot about that note but I will see what I can do about that. I'm still P.O.'d that I couldn't get that video to upload properly. I have to figure that out because your Aussie accent is absolute gold and must be shared with the world!!

  5. next in the fun times you can have while dating a non-native English speaker: the arguments over being told that his friend called you a word that's one of those “false friends”. A decent word in German, a not-so-nice thing in English.

    Can't remember what the word was anymore, but I remember that had like a 2 hour discussion over me feeling so hurt and then somehow we realized it meant something rather different to him in German than it did to me in English. I guess you already know about this kind of fun though, what with the English teaching and all.

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