A Quick Word…

I’m currently drowning in a sea of unwritten lesson plans, (and now have to write tests for next week, so add that to the pile), but I just wanted to pop in quickly to share this….

For any other expats out there who are looking for somewhere else to connect with people, check out Blog Expat. Forums like this have a wealth of information for those of us whose sanity might hang in the balance after a trip or two to the foreigner’s office, so it’s nice to read that there are others out there in the same position!
Also I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it), and survived Black Friday in all of its glory. I had a great day here, and even managed to cook my very first turkey. Two of them, actually. And thus far, no reports of food poisoning from the guests, so I consider that a successful holiday! I’ll have more on that, and other things as soon as I finish some of the 30+ lesson plans that I’ve been avoiding. Fun! 

2 thoughts on “A Quick Word…

  1. Target represents all that is good and right with the world. Although last time I was home I went there looking for a new purse and failed miserably. I was mad at them for a while, but now I've been back here long enough that I've romanticized it again. 🙂

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