‘Tis the season for spiking things…

This week has not started off well. I wasn’t feeling great most of last week and spent most of my time laying on the couch or asleep. Then I pulled an ill-advised all-nighter to watch the Packers game on Sunday and spent all Monday wanting to die as a result. On top of that, I had a meeting with my bosses this morning that made me want to throw myself out a window. I’m a bit frustrated, and am so ready for vacation it’s not even funny. My wallet might disagree, but I am in dire need of a few weeks off. So that’s been part of the reason for the lack of posts again. But I don’t want to talk about feeling craptastic, so let‘s talk about something else, shall we?

At the risk of sounding like a borderline alcoholic, one of my favorite things about this time of year is the plentitude of delicious drinks. I wrote the other week about the increased prices of the Glühwein at the Nürnberg Christkindlesmarkt this year, and the complaints people had about that. After visiting the market last Saturday night, it’s safe to say that the extra 50 cents a cup is stopping exactly no-one from having a glass or ten. The market was packed, every Glühwein stand was crowded, and more than one person had that glassy-eyed “time for a sausage” expression that says they’ve had too many.

I only snagged one glass on that visit, but I have been sampling some of the other options around town. In that spirit, I present the first week of my Christmas beverage count:


Last week I got my Christmas package from my parents, and as requested, they managed to track down the instant Starbucks Pumpkin Spice mix. Because a Lebkuchen latte is just not the same. Nice try, Starbucks Deutschland, but no dice.

Nothing says “warm and cozy German evening” more than a guy turning up at your door with a bottle of Heidelbeer Glühwein. Normal Glühwein is a mulled wine with spices, but this adds a blueberry twist and it’s my favorite version so far.

If you go to Bar Celona here in Nürnberg, you will find an assortment of special holiday drinks. I saw this on the menu, said, “really?” and promptly ordered it. It’s a Glühbier, and if you guessed that meant a mix of Glühwein and beer, you are correct. It pretty much tastes like you’d expect that to taste, and while I’m not sure I’d order it again, it was worth a shot. If I get back there soon, I’m trying the hot apple drink with rum and cinnamon next. That sounds promising…

The last drink of the week came on Saturday night when I actually ended up at the market. It was my first trip there this year and it was craaaaaazy packed. Too packed to see anything, and my crowd issues flared up again. I’m sure I‘ll be there at least a few more times this year, but I’ll be avoiding the weekend if at all possible. But that‘s another Heidelbeer Glühwein in the cup, and it warmed my fingers right up. Which is what you need on these chilly German evenings…

So that’s the first week of the holiday beverage season. In the name of research, I shall try as many things as possible in the next few weeks… that’s my Christmas gift to you. And me. Which brings me to my next question, any holiday favorites you can recommend? Or any other German specialties people have come across?   


16 thoughts on “‘Tis the season for spiking things…

  1. They have Glühbier at our Christmas market, but it's not a mixture of Glühwein and beer – it's hot Belgian cherry beer. It tastes much nicer than it sounds, honest!

  2. I have that glassy-eyed 'time for a sausage' expression on permanently now. It's homesickness, sniff… Enjoy your more expensive gluhwein! I am sure each mug is 50 cents tastier!! x

  3. You lucky girl you! A care package from the States! That's like gold around these parts!! Insta-pumpkin spice mix was a great call. The French version isn't up to par either. I think it's missing about a pound of sugar! Enjoy!!!

  4. I third the love of “glassy-eyed 'time for a sausage' expression”. Nicely phrased. Also, congrats on all your drinking!

    – RZ

  5. more than one person had that glassy-eyed “time for a sausage” expression that says they've had too many

    …that line made me bust out laughing.

    By the way, that red cup with the keys- is that a Regensburg cup? The crossed keys are in our city's seal/logo…

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