Italy: Food, food, and wait for it… more food.

If I were a food blogger, I would have to fire myself after this most recent vacation. But the problem is, when every meal is a Meal, that last multiple courses and multiple hours, it’s a waste of time to stop and think about a blog. Just sit back, let the wine flow and enjoy it. 

In that spirit, I only photographed the last meal we had in Italy. Four of the seven nights (including New Year’s Eve), we opted to eat dinner at the place where we stayed. Initially I was a bit nervous about committing so much time to the unknown cooking skills of two people I had never met, but BV assured me that it would be worth it. And oh, was it. With that, let me present our last meal...

Yes, that is a menu for a meal in Italy, but in German. Tricky.

First off: we have mixed crostini. There was pate, herring, sausage, tuna, tomato sauce, stuffed peppers, and home-made pesto. I passed off the herring to BV, but rumor was that it was very good. The first course always came with an aperitif as well, which you can see in the middle glass. This time it was a simple glass of aperol, but every day was something different.

Our last night was the only night when we didn’t have soup as the second course. All the soups were home-made and they were fantastic. Leek soup was probably not something I would ever order on my own (I’m slightly scarred from my mother’s forays into home-made soups when I was a kid), but it was delicious. But on our last night, sadly no soup was to be had. The ravioli was a great replacement though. A spinach and cheese-stuffed ravioli, topped with lightly cooked fresh sage, and some of the best fresh Parmesan cheese I have ever had. Mmmmmm…. We had a good hour-long sit after the second course and it still wasn’t enough. If we had stopped after this, I would have been okay. So. Much. Food.  

An hour between courses is plenty of time for more wine though… here you can see the giant two-liter bottles that we could buy for ourselves. Wine was included in our NYE meal, but every other night, you were responsible for your own drinks. But the bottle was only 10€, so it was easy for BV and I to go through three in the week. I‘ve never been a huge red wine drinker, but I think this trip convinced me otherwise. 

The main course was of course meat, and this night was beef and roasted vegetables. Simple and yet perfectly done. Again, I have an aversion to stuff like this thanks to my mom, but this beef was the furthest thing from dry. And the carrots? Perfect. I managed to finish my veggies, but could only get through two-thirds of the meat. So. Much. Food.

An hour later, it was time for dessert. As I said, I hadn’t managed all of my main course, but you better believe, I rallied for dessert. Dessert was a little taste of Germany, in the form of a sweet plum dumpling. And yes, it was absolutely drenched in butter and cinnamon. Other nights we had mascarpone, and a panna cotta that has basically ruined all other panna cottas for me. To the point when, at a restaurant, we saw panna cotta on the dessert menu and opted not to order it because we didn’t want to taint the memory of the one we had before. It was that serious. 

Some of the other treats we enjoyed included: deer, wild boar, the aforementioned soups (leek, potato, and pea…. I think), salmon, rosemary roasted chicken, polenta, truffle pasta, truffle mashed potatoes, and lastly, biscotti dipped in Vin Santo (a sweet Italian dessert wine). 

Honestly, it’s a miracle that I’m even hungry a week later. The only problem with this was that when we went to do other activities namely, a hikeit would have been a lot easier to do the first day and not after three days of eating all this food. As my great-grandma would have said, “Uff da.”     


4 thoughts on “Italy: Food, food, and wait for it… more food.

  1. I just had lunch and this post made me re-hungry, if that's even a word. Everything looks just delicious. I absolutely love Italian red wine and completely understand going through three bottles a week (and at 10 euros!).

    I'm glad you enjoyed the moment and put the blog aside for a few meals. Us bloggers need to stop feeling guilty for not documenting every second of our lives. I know I do it all the time. Good for you for just taking in the beauty that is Italy. : )

    Happy New Year!

  2. I vote yes on 're-hungry' being a word! I'm glad it looks delicious, because it certainly tasted that way. And thank you for not judging us on drinking all that in a week… now you should have seen our trunk on the way home. Random wine bottles stuck in-between all of the luggage. If we had had an accident, I don't think the police would have believed a clean breathalyzer because the entire scene would have been drenched in Chianti!

    Totally agree on putting the blog aside. I do it all the time too… hence the infrequent posts. 😉 There's been a lot going on! Haha. And happiest of New Years to you too!

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