Retail Deja Vu. / I’m Getting Old.

So last night I was picking up a few things at the Müller (a drugstore/catch-all store for lack of better description), at the train station here, when I found myself stuck in line behind a bunch of teenagers. While my mature and almost 30-year-old self was picking up a few necessities (shampoo, toothpaste, tea, candy), before meeting a friend for dinner, these kids were clearly prepping for a big night on the town.

How do I know that? Well besides being dressed in their sk8tr gear finest, plus the requisite backwards NBA hats that are oh-so-popular at the moment, they were stocking up on energy drinks. It seems that every time I’m at the Müller on the weekends, I inevitably find myself in line behind teenagers with armfuls of RockStar or RedBull or whatever. I‘ve never been a big fan of these drinks myself, and have actually been known to leave the room due to the smell of RedBull. That stuff is potent. But since they are so popular here, a few weeks ago I actually decided to give RockStar another try, just to see if the formula has improved since I was in college. It was a weak morning, one of those very early Mondays and it did not help me worth a darn, so I just don’t get the appeal.

Cut to about an hour ago when I ran to the Rewe to return a few bottles and pick up some groceries for the rest of the weekend. And where did I find myself? Yep, standing in line at the bottle-return machine, behind two teenage boys with backpacks full of energy drink cans, red sweatpants, sk8tr shoes, spiked hair on one, beanie on the other.

Full circle.

Their mom was standing nearby with a cart, and she gave me one of those “kids, what are you going to do?” half smiles that moms seem to have patented. I guess I should have been happy just to see that the kids were being responsible and recycling. As I’ve said before, the garbage rules in Germany give me a headache sometimes, and at 16 I sure as shit wasn’t thinking about being green.

Patiently I waited, while silently praying that they wouldn’t fill the bin up (that seems to happen a lot riiiiiight before it’s my turn), so I wouldn’t have to wait for one of the cashiers to come change it for me and my three beer bottles. Finally, they shook the bags to check they were empty, and turned to join their mom. 

Or not.

Two women, at least 30-35, one with spiked hair, and one with a beanie. Dressed like teenage boys. It took all of my self-control not to burst out laughing. I haven’t seen middle-aged women in sweatpants since the last time I went to a mall in the States and saw moms prancing around in P.I.N.K. crap and Uggs.

Oh Germany… you still surprise me sometimes. Thank you.



4 thoughts on “Retail Deja Vu. / I’m Getting Old.

  1. I came here via Pink Parliament.

    I hate the taste and smell of energy drinks too! For some reason Red Bull reminds me of cough medicine. Ick!

    With you on the recycling rules! I'm sooo bad at remembering what goes where!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Bevchen!

    I think it's a lot better now than when I first arrived, but when I'm in doubt, I just stuff things into the normal garbage bag and then double-bag it. Just in case. I think I'm a little paranoid because we used to have a big 'PLASTICS ONLY' sign on our yellow bin here, so I thought it was because of me… but when I looked inside I saw all sorts of crap that I definitely didn't throw in. So I think it's my lazy, non-garbage-sorting neighbors.

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