Travel Tuesday: Heading in the Other Direction

Gah, with the link ups! I was sitting here this afternoon pondering on what to write, when I saw the “Travel Tuesday” link up that’s being hosted by Alex this week. And guess what I did yesterday? If you guessed bought tickets to the States, you’d be correct.

Back when I was living in good old America, I don’t think I would have have considered a trip in the U.S. to be “traveling.” Maybe it’s because I‘m a travel snob (okay, not maybe, I definitely am), but to me, traveling had to be somewhere that was

1) a long-ass plane ride away
2) not like home
3) with signs that I wouldn’t understand

But now that I’m in that situation every day of my life, I’m excited to plan a trip through the States. Even more so that I’ll be able to stop a few places, and introduce BV to all the delights of stores that are open past 8pm. And on Sundays too! We are SO going to the grocery store for no apparent reason on a Sunday. That’s happening for sure. 

So what’s on the docket for this trip? Well let me tell you… it is going to be action-packed. The first stop will be….


San Francisco, California. A good friend of mine from university (and my personal IT savior), lives out there. Back when I visited in 2008, he was living about an hour north of the city in Napa County (yes, please), but since then he has moved into the heart of downtown. Literally, his neighborhood is called “Downtown.” Sounds perfect to me. We only had a day in the city last time I was there, so I’m excited to be there for three or so days this time. We’ll eat some In-N-Out Burger, buy some random crap in Chinatown, and maybe hunt for Danny Tanner. 

Oh, and this was a conversation my friend and I had yesterday:
Him: i’ll set up a tourism schedule
Him: do y’alls want to go wine tasting
Me: I feel like that’s a foolish question
Him: so no
Him: well I meant in Napa
I did do a wine tasting last time I was in Cali, but as I mentioned in the “Travel List Challenge” post, we had no cash and therefore had to go to the only free place we could find. My friend tells me though that he knows of a shuttle service deal that we can do for about $60. I will investigate this and report back, provided I don‘t fall in a vat of wine.
The next stop after San Francisco will be Las Vegas. Originally I wanted to be there at the end of June for a “Dirty Thirty” birthday celebration for some friends, but unfortunately we have to be back in Germany that same weekend. Schade. So instead I’m stopping there on the way to Wisconsin, to prove to BV that they really do hand out escort cards while you’re walking down the street. Oh, and to visit one of my best friends, who’s expecting her first baby this month. 
If any of you caught the House Hunters International episode, that would be the same friend that was touring houses with me. Which is why she was drinking apple juice every time our shooting schedule said something like, “Heather and Courtney stop for a beer.”

No beer in Germany for you this time mama.
If all goes according to plan, she’ll just be at the end of her maternity leave when we visit, which is pretty much perfect. Plus she assured me that she is 100% ready for a cocktail, and her aunt and uncle are already lined up to babysit. Done and done.
If we survive the first two legs of the trip, our last stop will be Wisconsin. The main purpose of the trip will be the wedding of this lovely lady here…
Angie and me, Brewers Opening Day 2008
We’ve been friends since the 5th grade, so I’m looking forward to this one for sure. And if anyone has any tips for the ‘Maid of Honor’ speech, please let me know before I make an ass of myself. Danke!
Hopefully during the ten or so days, I’ll get at least one Brewer game in there as well. Wouldn’t be Milwaukee without a day at the ball park. Plus we can see….
The ugly orange thing…
…the Milwaukee Art Museum.

And I can show BV how Germans used to kick it in Wisconsin, with a visit to the Old German Beer Hall on Old World 3rd Street. Or at the Old Pabst Brewery…

Or…. we could go see what they did before they hit the bar, at my old workplace, Old World Wisconsin….

There’s a lot to do on this trip, much more so than the other times I’ve been home, but I think it’ll be a good time. I was a little disappointed at first, because our original plan was to drive from Vegas to Wisconsin and stop some places on the way, but rental cars were just absurd for two weeks cross-country. So that plan is out the window until I win the German lottery. It’s okay though, I think we have a pretty solid plan for this time around. 
Any tips for our stops? Tell me where to go and what to see… please! 
Thanks again to Alex and Helene for hosting! 

Helene in Between


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