A Very Belated Ireland Post

Once upon a time back in 2010, I visited Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day. I posted about it very briefly back here, back in the days when I updated this about four times a year. It was an  awesome weekend, but also made me vow not to celebrate the holiday unless I’m in Ireland for it. Yes, it’s that much fun.

Luckily, this is not a difficult vow to keep because no one in Germany gives a hoot about St. Paddy’s.  I probably would have forgotten all about the day this year if Facebook hadn’t been plastered with pictures of people in green for the last few days.

Since I’m not celebrating anymore, I thought I’d just take a minute and share some pictures from the last time I did….  enjoy.

First a bunch from the parade. Because we got up way too early to ensure a good spot.

After the parade it was off to the Temple Bar area. Here are some pictures from the walk…

Sadly that’s about it, because my camera remained safely in my purse for the night. Therefore no alleged instances of dancing were captured. Saaaaaaaaaaadface. All you need to know is that this breakfast was needed in a bad way the next morning…

13 thoughts on “A Very Belated Ireland Post

  1. Great photos! I've never been in Ireland for St Patrick's Day, but my local Irish pub does a pretty good job! They had Irish breakfasts there on Sunday – I would LOVE to know where he got the sausages from!

  2. This post bummed me out and I'll tell you why, I spent six consecutive Paddy's days in Dublin. 2009 was my last one, so in 2010 when I could have bumped into you and had many a pint and fun expat chatter, I wasn't there anymore!!!

  3. Ooooh, that sounds delicious. I think a few of the Irish pubs here have breakfast as well, but I'm usually not up early enough on Sunday to investigate. 🙂 I've heard good things about their Irish Stew as well, which is served at a more reasonable hour for me to be functioning.

  4. Yeah no one gave a hoot for St. Patty's Day here in Paris either! That didn't stop me from enjoying a Guinness though. Looks like I'll have to fly over to wear all the action is next year. What a great memory you have! How many people can say that they celebrating St. Patty's Day in Ireland? Not many…!

  5. I did break my vow slightly by going down the street to a tiny bar for several pints of Guinness. Mostly just because it's so bizarre that they even HAVE Guinness at this place. I was very surprised because the place was all decked out with banners and shamrocks, but only the standard two old men were there to appreciate it with us. 🙂

    And if you have the opportunity to get over, I say reclaim your O'LastName and go for it!

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