Dear Starbucks, etc.

Dear Starbucks,

First off, let me just say that I love you. Despite the fact that I live in Europe and there are great cafes and bakeries on every corner, if I’m in the city and have a jonesing for a latte, I will almost always come to you.  I appreciate your American-sized beverages, and enjoy having the opportunity to buy cappuccinos that last for longer than three sips (read: every cappuccino in Europe). What can I say? I’m American and enjoy a lot of liquid in my drink choices. If I wanted a midget drink, I’d order an Espresso. And then I’d spend the next several hours ricocheting off of any nearby surface. Luckily for me, the alcohol in the Italian caffè correttos balanced out the caffeine. But I digress.

I acknowledge how lucky I am to live in Nürnberg in this case, because you have thoughtfully opened up four locations in the Altstadt for me to choose from. This is great news, because when there is a line out the door at one (typically the one by the Hauptmarkt), usually the line isn’t quite so scary at one of the other three locations. You also make a great and easily recognizable meeting spot, supply some of the only muffins in town, and always have lactose-free milk for one of my friends, who is eternally searching for it in this city. These are definite pluses in my life. 

While I appreciate your four great locations, might I make a suggestion? Your locations now are quite close to each other, and I think you’re missing a market by only having stores in the heart of downtown. I was walking home yesterday and thinking how great it would be to have a coffee, but unfortunately I hadn‘t had reason to pass any of the four stores on my trip to the city. Now I was headed home empty-handed. 

As I walked, I realized that I knew of the perfect location for you, and it would be a double-whammy for your company. There is a Mr. Bleck coffee shop near the corner of Lorenzer Str./Marienstr. and Konigstorgraben, right at the edge of the Altstadt. If you were to kick out Mr. Bleck, you’d eliminate a competitor, and snag a great new location! Nearby Zwinger Bar is very popular, Sparkasse has a huge new building right across the street, and tons of people pass through on their way in and out of the city or to the movie theater. Speaking for myself, I pass that spot a minimum of 4-6 times a week, and you can bet your buns that I’d be in there at least one of those times. It would be perfect, as usually I don’t want to stop in Starbucks until I’m on my way home, and this way I wouldn’t potentially have to double-back to get my fix. Win, win, win, am I right? 

So imagine my surprise and delight when I got level with the Mr. Bleck location, and saw that the sign was gone, and that there was paper covering the windows…. what a coincidence! I was initially concerned that they were only remodeling, but upon closer investigation the small signs in the window thanked their customers, and asked them to visit their other Nürnberg locations. It gave no mention if another company would be moving in, but I would urge you to act quickly if you haven’t already… this is prime real estate and it won’t be empty long. Just look at how picturesque this corner is…

You’d be in that great corner spot right under the spire. It’s perfect, isn’t it? So please, get to itI’d love to stop for Frappuccinos on my way home this summer. 

Best regards from your loyal future Marientor Starbucks Nürnberg customer, 

A couple of other random thoughts from this week….

  • I cheated a little bit on my promise not to celebrate St. Patty’s Day unless I‘m in Dublin. There’s a tiny bar down the street from my apartment that has Guinness on tap, so BV and I went down there on Sunday night. It was all decked out in banners and shamrocks, but as usual, no one was in there. Considering the huge student housing complex right next to me, I don’t understand why it’s been empty save for two to three old men each time we’ve visited. But really, I’m super happy to have a “local” place, even if it’s not “The J” of Praha fame.

  • The weather here has been on crack all week. It got freezing cold again, and today is the first day that it has been semi-warm and sunny. I’m going to lose my shit if it gets cold again.

  •  I have the next two Wednesdays off and also two in May, because the company I’m at on Wednesdays “always takes the Easter and Pfingsten (Pentecost in May) weeks off.” I’m slightly irritated by this though, because with the America trip coming up, I was kind of counting on those four nice, full, Wednesdays to fill my wallet for the trip. I was even more irritated when I was talking to the groups this week and discovered that almost none of them are taking any time off! Out of about 35 people, only 3 mentioned that they were taking holiday time. The rest would be at work…. and therefore could have attended class. But… since they’ve “always done it,” that’s that. Awesome. 
  • My love for Pinterest was reinforced this week when I made this awesome Cheesy Quinoa Pilaf with Spinach. I added even more spinach than the recipe calls for, plus a little bit of onion, and an entire (small) zucchini. It was SO GOOD. I was super-excited to find the goat Gouda at my local EBL Naturkost (so great, damn the prices!), and it was absolutely delicious. Make it and thank me later. 

So that’s about it. Let’s all hold hands and hope that this reasonably nice weather lasts… okay?


8 thoughts on “Dear Starbucks, etc.

  1. They really do look tiny in that picture, don't they? Oddly enough, they were normal pint glasses, just in a weird form. And lucky for me I'm a beer kind of girl, so I like all of them. 🙂

  2. Ouch! This week I bought it from the EBL Naturkost, and it was a little under 5€ for 500g. Previously I've bought it at Mueller, and I can't for the life of me remember how much it was there. Seven Euro seems excessive, but I'm guessing you will think it's worth it if you love that recipe as much as I did. I'm making it again tomorrow… mostly because I have an ENORMOUS bag of fresh spinach that I'm not letting go to waste!

  3. Not sure if it's only seasonal, but now that I've started going to the Naturkost store I've seen it a lot. They have it loose sometimes but when I went to pick up the stuff for that pilaf they only had pre-bagged. The bag was also ENORMOUS, which means that I've done the pilaf twice in a week, and have eaten spinach every day somehow. Aaaaand there's still some left. Salmon and spinach tomorrow!

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