30 Day Challenge: Because I’m a Lazy Bum

At this time last year the weather was warming up, beer gardens were opening, and I even spent a weekend outdoors with my friends up in the village. And this year? I woke up yesterday morning, looked out the window, and swore enough to make a sailor blush. A fresh dusting of snow was covering everything in sight and I was not a happy camper. I continued to mutter obscenities into my scarf on the walk into town, especially every time the wind blew Arctic air into my face. Unfortunately I had an appointment I couldn’t miss, and desperately needed to get to the Müller (don’t forget to buy toilet paper on Saturday in Germany or you will have to be sehr stingy on Sunday), and there was no way I could avoid going out into the cold.

The cold has remained today, and I’m sitting here right now pondering the mental sanity of all the kids that still go to the park across the street every day. Rain, shine, or freezing cold, they are there, and I’m guessing that their parents throw them out whether they like it or not. If they yelled that much in my house, that’s what I would do. 

With the 4-day Easter weekend coming up, BV and I were hoping to get away and do a little hiking, but it doesn’t look like the weather is going to cooperate with us. The temperatures should go up, but the forecast is calling for gray and rain in all the places we were thinking about going. So what to do? 

Honestly, I have so had enough of this winter. I’ve basically been a lazy bum since last fall, and now I’m paying for it. I have no energy, and can’t seem to do anything productive, despite my excess of free time. So I’ve decided to do something about it. 

I’m sure plenty of people have seen the excess of “30-day fitness challenge” pins on Pinterest, or the monthly photo challenges that are oh-so popular on Instagram. I even did one last summer when I first got my new phone, and I did enjoy having something that I “had to do” for a month. It gave me some accountability, and I’m definitely the kind of person that needs to have that in their life. Back in January when I was taking over some new classes from a fellow teacher I went along with him to the company for his last lesson, and to meet the students. Since it was his last lesson, he decided to do something a little different, and showed this video to the groups. 

We discussed it with all the groups, and he asked them to come up with ideas for their own 30-day challenges, and think about doing them sometime in the future. The lesson went over really well, and since then I’ve thought a lot about it. But that’s the thing, I just think about things. Then I get on the internet, and find other ways of wasting my time. But really, it’s gotta stop. 
Last summer I did fairly well with being more active. I was confronted with the horror of having to wear a swimsuit in Greece, and that spurred me to act. I lost a bit of weight, a few inches, and felt pretty good overall. After the vacation, I went straight into the House Hunters shoot, then straight back to a ton of work. BV and I started dating seriously, and all of a sudden I had no time. I got behind on paperwork, my yoga mat gathered dust, and my bookshelf was severely neglected. Time management has never been my strong point, and while I have my workload fairly well-managed right now, it’s been a difficult few months to balance everything. My juggling skills are definitely a work in progress.
The trip to America is now looming and I don’t have much time to get things in order. I’m standing up in my friend’s wedding, and this time it’s not a swimsuit (thank God!), but a bridesmaid dress that I’m worried about. The measurements that we based the size on were measurements that I took after vacation time last summer, and there’s no way that those are correct today. I haven’t gained back everything I lost last year, but some of it has returned. I know I’m not going to look like the model, but I’d like to not look like a tank.


I’ll arrive in Wisconsin a week before the wedding, and if that dress doesn’t fit and can’t be altered to fit, I will be completely screwed. Being the maid of honor and causing a catastrophe the week before Angie’s wedding is about the last thing I want to do, so I’ve got to get a move on. I kept saying I’ll start on the 1st of February, I’ll start on the 1st of March, I’ll start next week. But starting is the worst part, right? The next two weeks are a bit lighter due to the Easter holidays, and excuse time is over. So, the 30-day challenge. 
I’m not trying to become a marathon runner (because I can’t run).
I’m not giving up beer (because that’s stupid).
I’m not going to obsessively pin workouts and inspirational quotes (because I think it’s silly, and pins don’t make you get off your ass).
I’m not going to count walking to the train station every day as “exercise” (because I can’t ride a unicorn there, so it’s a normal daily activity).
I am going to do a minimum 30 minutes a day of some form of exercise.
I am going to be accountable for this because otherwise I’ll lay on the couch and do nothing.
I am going to take my vitamins like a good girl.
Thirty minutes doesn’t sound like a lot but when you don’t get out of bed on the weekends until 1pm, you lose a lot of time. That has to stop. I have a little over 60 days until we leave for the States, and if I can reform my habits like I did last summer, I stand a chance.
The thing is, I felt better last summer. I’d like to have some energy again. Hiking season is coming up (whenever it stops snowing), and I don’t want to be a wuss about it. If I can get a little bit fitter before the first hike, maybe I won’t want to die 15 minutes in. Not making any promises on that one, but it would be a nice bonus. Today is Day One.

8 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge: Because I’m a Lazy Bum

  1. oooh, good luck! I've been a lazy bum recently too, but I did walk from the train station to work this morning (ok, I was forced to due to the lack of trams, but it still counts as exercise ;-))

  2. Thanks Bev! Haha, I hear you. That's what I've been considering exercise as well but since my feet are the fastest way of getting to the station from my house, I don't think I can count it anymore… at least not in good conscience. So to the workout DVDs I go!

  3. I´m doing my own little look good feel better thing. I feel so out of shape, and that´s usually how I feel in Germany. Baby steps back to normal, when I don´t mind looking in the mirror. AND started taking a multi every day, B complex (due to beer drinking), and Omega 3 (dry skin, I read it on a few sites that it helps). Good luck!

  4. It's coming waaaay too fast, that's for sure! And since we're going to be in the States for two weeks before the wedding, I also need to take into consideration all the crap we're going to eat in that time. There will be so many burgers!!

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