A Preferred Saturday

This week has been a little crazy. The four-day weekend for Easter last week kind of threw everything off, and I have a ton of catching-up to do now. I’m on my own this weekend (which is a very infrequent occasion these days), and hopefully I‘ll be able to get through my giant “to-do” list by tomorrow evening. This list includes, but is not limited to….

– Cleaning everything. Seriously, everything. We had workmen over to take a look at my bathroom last week, and I was fairly embarrassed by how messy it was.
– Washing everything I own. My washing machine was broken for almost two weeks, and now I have an avalanche of dirty clothing.
– Oh, and if it’s not dirty, it might be ripped. Remember when I said all my stuff was dying? Yeah… just found a hole in my go-to jeans. So I need to go through and throw out some stuff.
– Take bottles to the recycling containers. My kitchen windowsill makes me look like a wino. Oh, who am I kidding.
– Grocery shopping.
– Exercising. I had intended on doing 10-day, 20-day, and 30-day follow-up posts to the 30-day challenge, but that clearly didn’t happen this week. I’m going to shoot for a halfway point post and a final post. No promises though.
– Lesson plans, as per usual.

All these things kind of suck though, and since I’m in procrastination mode, I thought I’d pop in and tell you what I would much rather be doing on this gray, allegedly “Spring” day….

Many, many moons ago, I wrote about an afternoon at an adorable café here in Nürnberg. I’ve been back once or twice since then, but a few weeks ago I finally got BV in the door with me. We had actually tried to go there once in January, but they were closed for vacation. Go figure. But this time they were open, there was a free table, and we were in. 

This café is proof-positive that a huge menu does not mean anything. They don’t have a ton of options, but what they do have is fantastic. Their small standard menu consists of a few breakfast choices, baguettes, galettes, and crêpes. In addition to the everyday options, they have a daily menu that is almost as big…

We started with a .5-liter of house rosé, figuring that we were due for a break from the mass quantities of Italian red wine we’ve been drinking lately. This was an excellent choice, and at least once BV has suggested going back strictly to drink some wine. We tried to go for dinner last week Saturday, but when we called to reserve a table we found out that they’re only open for dinner on Thursday and Friday nights. Good to know! 

For the main course, BV opted for a galette filled with feta and grilled vegetables off of the normal menu. I was sure I would go with the Camembert/apple/walnut galette I had the last time, but my curiosity was piqued by something I saw on the daily menu…

My galette was filled with sheeps-cheese, sweet potatoes (a rare find here), and oranges. Sounds weird, right? Tastes… fantastic. If it’s on the menu again the next time, I will be a very happy camper. 

Also, German restaurants take note: that mass of green on the left? Yeah, that’s what a SALAD looks like. A side salad should not mean one piece of lettuce, two slices of cucumber, and a slice or two of tomato. Work on that, bitte.

We also went for a dessert, but it wasn’t on the plates long enough to photograph. I was sorely tempted by the promise of Crème brûlée, but I’m still holding on to the memory of the one we had in Italy. Instead we both went for sweet crêpes with banana and honey. Oh, so good. 

So again, if you’re in Nürnberg and want to take a trip to the South of France (I don’t know about you all, but I’m ready to take a trip anywhere that isn’t GRAY), go and check out….

Café d’Azur
Burgstraße 11
90403 Nürnberg

6 thoughts on “A Preferred Saturday

  1. I totally agree, good menus don't have to be long. I just need a couple of really good things I can choose from.
    Have a great weekend and good luck with all the cleaning!

  2. Some of my favorite restaurants around town really have very small menus- it doesn't matter. The number of items on the menu rarely has any bearing on the quality of the food.

    If you're ever in Regensburg for dinner, you should try Cafe Felix- their salads are AMAZING. I get the Provence, which is a salad with sauteed mushrooms and strips of meat in it with a balsamic dressing. The salad is as big as your head, and twice as tasty.

  3. I'm thinking the smaller the better. At least that's true for some of my favorite places around town here.

    Sounds good! I'll put that on the list next time I'm heading that way.

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