30-Day Challenge: Wrap Up

Wednesday was the last official day of my 30-day challenge. How would I sum it up? I’d give it a big “meh,” to be honest. The first half went fairly well, but the second did not really go according to plan. Either I was too tired, too busy, or didn’t have enough time home alone to get anything done. All in all, I’d say I missed 4-5 days of working out in the whole month. That doesn’t sound terrible, but when the sole purpose of the challenge is to do something every day, it’s kind of a fail. I’m trying to justify it to myself by saying that you should really take a day off here and there for your body’s sake, but that’s just grasping at straws.


No weight worth mentioning was lost, but the measurements did shrink a hair, so I guess that’s something. I’m not committing to anything for the next month, but I’m going to give it my best effort before we leave on May 31st. God knows I’m going to have to have a little extra wiggle room for all the burgers and burritos that will be consumed in the two weeks in America prior to the wedding. That was poor planning on my part, that’s for sure. 

On the plus side, our brief window of nice weather seems to be closing again, soooo if it’s raining for the next few weeks that’ll give me a good reason to stay inside and do sit-ups or something.

4 thoughts on “30-Day Challenge: Wrap Up

  1. I'd say only missing 4-5 days is actually pretty good.

    My exercising has been pretty meh for most of this month, but I've been really good this past week. Shame I ruined it with beer and Mexican food!

  2. Thanks, Bev. I should feel better about it than I do, but with the America deadline looming I'm a little nervous!

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that's been 'meh.' But keep it up for sure. And really, there's nothing better than beer and Mexican food… diet be damned. 🙂

  3. Haha, thanks Sara Louise. I'd say you're right about only missing 3-4 days, but I overdid it on Monday and wasn't able to walk straight for the rest of the week, so May is off to a rough start. 🙂 We'll try again next week. Maybe.

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