Hansel, Gretel, a Giant, and a Witch…

…. walk into the OBI. Just kidding. 

One of the things I love about Germany is that everyone here seems to have a major green thumb. When you drive through the villages, or pass by the gardens on the train, you will see fields of green, and absolute riots of color peeking through the fences. And if you live in the city? Well no problem! Outside of a lot of cities there are huge areas where apartment-dwellers can buy or rent a small plot of land to get their outdoor fix. 

These small gardens plots are usually fenced in, and include a small house. These houses are also a common sight in the backyards of Germany. They come in many varieties, but the normal ones look something like this….


Nice, right? I’ve always thought how great that is, that even if you live in a little apartment in the middle of the city, you can still have some green ground to plant somewhere. But now OBI has surpassed itself. 

I’ve been to the OBI (which is a home/building/etc. store… a la Home Depot, in case you don’t know), a couple of times lately, most recently on Thursday. Which is when I saw this magnificent and amazing Gartenhaus.

Want. Want. 

With it’s peaked roof, crooked windows and tiny door, it was clear that we had found Hansel and Gretel’s home. At OBI.

Upon further investigation we found that this was actually the witch’s house… it is called the Hexenhaus Lieblingsplatz, or, witch house haunt. Inside, we even found the witch’s ride….

It was clear that the witch also welcomed visitors, both large and small…

This last thing confuses me a bit, because I thought witches were more of cat people, but apparently this witch is the exception…

So I guess if you want to take your home garden to the fairy-tale level, head on over to your local OBI Baumarkt. Just remember, price isn’t important. Because this one is about 3+ times the cost of your normal Gartenhaus. Gah! 

But since I’m still garden-less, I’m off to do some balcony therapy… come on out sun!

9 thoughts on “Hansel, Gretel, a Giant, and a Witch…

  1. What are these precious little houses? I want one too!!! So what does one do in them? They're just like little sitting rooms to look out onto your garden in? This is the cutest thing I've ever heard of!

    ps – Thanks for explaining what OBI was!

  2. Depends… some people have them at home, or in a public garden plot like I said. Some are set up like sitting areas, and some are used as storage sheds. They're pretty nifty though, and you see some really elaborate set-ups sometimes! I need to try and get a picture of a public area… I thought I had one but can't find it. I'll have to try next time I'm on the train.

    ps~ You're welcome… I realized that one a little late. Haha.

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