Balcony Rehab: Spring 2013

I don’t know about all of you, but now that it’s May I’m really hoping that The Long Winter is over. Although as I’m typing this, it’s my favorite shade of Flat Gray outside, so that’s a great start to the day. 

One of my main priorities for this spring was to get my balcony in order again. It went through a few incarnations last year… I wrote a helpful guide to getting it in shape, which you can find right here. That lasted fairly well until I went on vacation for two weeks and everything died. That meant I had to do a frantic rehab afternoon on it before it ended up on TV since we shot the day after I came back from said vacation. Stress! Tip: try to find someone to water your plants if you’re leaving for two weeks and then immediately having a film crew in your house.* Back to this year.… Here are some “before” shots.

Ugh. So depressing.
Seedlings from a friend, lettuce, strawberries.

The process was of course much easier this year (thank God), since I of course had all the planters and even some dirt left over. That makes the hauling much less painful. Additionally, BV has a friend who’s a gardener, which meant that all we needed was one Friday evening visit to his nursery. 

Last year I had wished for a strapping young German gentleman to help me carry things up the stairs. And boom! It worked. Now I’ll wish for a million Euros… let’s see how that goes. 

By the time we got back from the nursery it was raining pretty hard, so planting had to wait until Saturday. Even minus BV’s run to OBI because we were just a little short on dirt, it went super quickly and I am very happy with the results…

Mini herb garden

The seedlings for lettuce, radish, and tomatoes went into this new planter along with the strawberries and romaine lettuce. I’m not sure how well it’s going to work if and when they really start to grow, but we’ll see. Plus those planters were only €1 each at Woolworth’s. Yes, you read that right. There is still a Woolworth’s here. My Grandma couldn’t believe it either.

Everything has been in for a couple of days now, and seems to be doing okay so far. I’ve got my fingers crossed that we get a little more sun now, it’d be nice to sit out there and enjoy it! 

*That is oddly specific advice, but could be helpful to someone. Maybe.


10 thoughts on “Balcony Rehab: Spring 2013

  1. Thanks Sarah! I'm interested to see how it will work. I think I may have to move things if they outgrow it, but since I'm starting from seedlings I don't know how well they'll do. But if it doesn't work out, at least the planters were only €1 each. 🙂

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