Hands. You have them? Use them!

In exactly 24 hours, I will be strapping myself into a plane and taking a nonstop ride straight to San Francisco. I should be doing something more productive right now, like say, packing my suitcase… but since I’m still waiting for laundry to dry, I’ll write about burgers instead. 

For the past few months, BV and I have been sampling all the supposed “good” burgers here in the greater Nürnberg area. Good is in quotations, as any expat knows that a truly good burger is hard to come by outside of America-land. But, we’ve been trying. Recommendations have come from here, there, and everywhere, and we’ve tried nearly all of them. 

Last week a friend of mine, (Hi Ellie!), wrote that she’d had a good one in my neck of the woods. BV had also heard good things about the place, but they were always full when he tried to get a reservation. We decided that we should probably try to get in before we went to the States… you know… for research and comparison purposes and all. Today we were in luck when we managed to snag a late lunch at 2pm, at Auguste Premium-Junk Food.

Right behind my house is a large complex of student apartments, and I’ve been wondering where all these kids go to hang out. I’m guessing that Auguste is one of those places. In addition to their menu of “premium junk food,” it has a very fun, colorful atmosphere.

I especially loved the ceiling, which was covered in rubber duckies… almost all different too!

There were scuba duckies, police duckies, soccer football duckies, cat duckies, racecar duckies…. I had no idea they were so versatile! 

But really, duckies aren’t so important. Burgers are. I think one of the best things about this place is that nearly all of the ingredients are bio, which is great. Burger prices ranged from about €5 for a small burger, to almost €20 for a burger with 750 grams of meat, aka ‘Monstersize-me.’ They have beef and bio-beef burgers, veggie burgers, and also some more exotic options like kangaroo and ostrich. Or chicken, if you think that’s exotic. I went with the “Premium Burger,” with all bio-fixin’s, and a size of the Auguste Pommes. 

As usual here, the burger was served with an orange sauce, which is pretty much a mix of ketchup and mayo. I’m more of a ketchup and mustard sort of girl, so nearly every place loses points with me on this. The burger itself was really good, but it didn’t quite have the flame-grilled quality that I like best. Other than those two things though, it was a winner. I was sorely tempted by an avocado burger on the ‘veggie’ side of the menu, so I think that will be my next choice. 

Auguste also has a pretty decent selection of whiskey, and they have a monthly whiskey special as well as a monthly beer special. They also served some more unusual beers than we see at the typical Nürnberg spots. I’m totally cool with this though, as the biggest beer here, Tucher, is probably my least favorite beer in Germany. Go figure. I tried the Reh-Bier from a private brewery near Bamberg, and it was delicious. 

The picture with the mayonnaise is just for scale. I’m pretty sure that’s the biggest damn thing of mayonnaise I’ve ever seen here. When we first sat down I thought it was a pillar candle until I actually got a look at it. 

Finally, I guess I should explain the title of this post. While we sat and ate, the restaurant filled, emptied, and filled again. Of all the people who came in, only one person (besides ourselves), ate their burger in the proper way. This is a major pet peeve of mine in Germany. Every time I see someone trying to eat a burger with a knife and fork, I want to smack them upside the head. They always look so concentrated and are completely at a loss when it falls apart. 

Are you listening, Germany? This is a public service announcement for you…

It is between bread. You can pick it up. It makes life easier. That’s why you have hands. Use them! 

In Nürnberg and hungry? Check it out!
Augustenstr. 37
(I’d make a reservation though.)

4 thoughts on “Hands. You have them? Use them!

  1. the reasoning about why hamburgers have bread on both sides is something I've tried on Icelanders too. Didn't work on them either.

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