Nürnberg Knits

In case you haven’t been on Pinterest lately, it seems that knitting is back in fashion. I can’t open that site up without seeing tiny knit hats for babies with flowers or superhero logos or frog faces, and that’s not the only place it’s been popping up. 

A few months ago, I was in Erlangen far too early one morning, when I happened to look up. 

It’s a little bit hard to see, but someone decided to decorate the winter-bare tree with all kinds of little knit ornaments. Very sweet, right? 

Then, a few weeks ago, I was heading into the bank in Nürnberg when I realized that the normally gray-metal posts outside were a bit brighter than normal. 

A couple of sassy ladies, a dog, and a cat certainly brightened up the area. But lets face it… any color that isn’t GRAY has been pretty welcome here in Deutschland lately. 

Walking home from the city one afternoon, I spotted this guy not far from the movie theater…

It become clearer and clearer that someone was on a mission to brighten things up around here. I’m totally okay with this plan. 

Walking around the city while my friend Katie was visiting, we officially hit the mother-load. The first picture is a bit dark, sorry about that, but you can see the post on the side of the tree decorated, as well as more stuff hanging down from the tree. 

We spotted these right outside a store with a window display full of yarn, so I guess this one is pretty logical. But what we found next was totally random, and completely awesome. I give you Star Wars in Nürnberg…

The whole crew is there, and they are pretty darn impressive. If you happen to be in town and walking from the Hauptmarkt up to the castle, keep an eye out for these guys on the right-hand side.

Any cool crafts popping up in your area? 


13 thoughts on “Nürnberg Knits

  1. Super cute!! Yes, the Star Wars knit posts rule, so does the Rasta Dude! I wonder how long before the French copy this….?? I'll keep my eyes open!

    I tried to get into knitting in college and while it's therapeutic, I just sucked at it. Have you since taken up this craft? By the way, Hi!!!

  2. I hear it's happening in a few places, so definitely keep your eyes peeled.

    I've never been a knitter… my mom has recently taken to knitting socks when she's not quilting, but I think I lack the patience and dexterity. I prefer vino. 🙂 And hi yourself!

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