Work Appreciation

Last Thursday I had a bit of a rough time getting to work. Deutschbahn was doing construction between Erlangen and Fürth, which led to me playing my very own version of ‘Planes, Trains, & Automobiles,’ with my trip being titled ‘Trains, Buses, & Taxicabs.’ Good times. This construction will be going on for the next few weeks, but I couldn’t find any definitive changes to the schedules online in preparation for this week. So this morning I just decided to catch an earlier train, and hopefully that would compensate for any delays.

But of course, this morning the trip was all smooth sailing. Construction is still going on, but apparently my route was finished, because we weren’t even a minute behind today. That meant that I arrived in my destination village an hour and fifteen minutes early… nice one, self.

Instead of being upset about the fact that I could have slept longer, I decided to have some breakfast, take a walk, and share some things that I fully appreciate about my trips to the village on Thursdays…

  • So. Much. Color. Riding the rails to Erlangen takes you past so many fields of gorgeous color right now. Vegetable fields are sprouting right next to huge patches of wild grass and flowers that are a riot of yellow, white, blue, purple, and absolutely popping with poppies. Fields of of rye (or some kind of grain) are almost as blue as they are golden, because they’re so full of cornflowers. It’s gorgeous, and I love it. I can’t get any decent shots from the train but here are some flowers from my pre-work walk….

  • Spots of village life. One of my favorite train sightings is a barn on the edge of one town. On the side of the building is a huge cartoon donkey, with a sign proclaiming their pride at having a 30-year old animal. Yay old donkey!
  • Other animal sightings, such as dogs trotting down lanes after their biking owners, or cats stalking through fields. This morning I was just passing a horse pasture on the bus when suddenly a black and white cat leaped onto one of the fence posts in full-on stalking mode. I’ve been in major “I need an animal” mode lately, and seeing cute things like that does not help. 
  • Speaking of trotting down lanes, I love all the paths that criss-cross the fields. Since I was so early today I took advantage of that and went for a walk down one of them….
Apologies for the blurry flowers… they wouldn’t stop moving.
The pond was busy this morning, full of frogs, ducks, and a giant white goose.
Watching your step = very important.
  • Lastly, I love being able to sit outside the bakery and have a pastry in the morning. I’m not a big breakfast person, and it’s not often that I have this opportunity. But usually my stomach has woken up by the time I get to the village and so it’s great to make a stop. Like most bakeries, this one has some non-paying customers, and this little guy and his friend helped me with my pastry crumbs. BV was recently telling me that these birds are endangered, which is pretty surprising when you see them stalking you outside every shop. Bread is okay for them, but apparently you shouldn’t leave them fatballs in winter. Good to know.

Anybody else have a nice commute to share?
Oh, and happy Fourth to all you Americans out there! Have a burger for me. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Work Appreciation

  1. Love those birds. They're so cuuute!

    My route to work isn't all that interesting, but that's ok… I spend most of it reading or trying to sleep anyway.

    Know the feeling with needing an animal.. I soooooo want a puppy, but 1) no pets allowed in our flat and 2) it wouldn't be fair as both Jan and I work full time.

  2. Me too! I'm always happy to share my crumbs with them. 🙂

    I would love to sleep on the way but I'm so paranoid about passing out and not getting off when I need to. I'm impressed you can do that!

    We've been debating cat vs. dog… I'd take either but BV thinks he can pass off a cat with his landlord more easily. Plus, legally he can't say no. 🙂 So that's a starting point!

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