The Last Week in the 20s.

It’s true. As of Sunday I shall be old. 

Thankfully I already got the shock over with when I got the birthday card from my parents three weeks ago. *cough* Thanks guys. Germany to U.S. mail has been problematic lately, but that was a card I’d prefer later than earlier. I’ll live though.

My original plan was to ignore my birthday, but apparently that is “weird.” Instead, BV and I will be driving down to Berchtesgaden, and spending a few days hiking around the Königsee. That’s an area I’ve been dying to explore some more, so last night we spent several hours clicking through different Hütte we could hike to, and trying to figure out our plan of attack. We’re still waiting to hear from one house if they have space for us (oh, to live on a mountain and only check your email account every three days), but I hope it works out. Otherwise we have to revise again. As long as I have a mountain to sit my old ass on and contemplate life, I hope I’ll be okay.

The following weekend we’ll be having a small BBQ here with some friends. That’s it. 

Honestly, I wanted to write something profound, but some days I’m not sure if I’ve learned anything in the last 29 years, 51 weeks, and two days. Lately it seems as if there have been a lot going on, and yet nothing going on at the same time, which is weird. There are some changes coming though, as always. 

In the meantime, I’ll just be here. Enjoying the summer sun, working out in preparation for the mountains, and hunting for margarita mix. It’s my party and I’ll enjoy a cocktail if I want to. 

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6 thoughts on “The Last Week in the 20s.

  1. Too funny Heather! It's really not that bad 😉 Sounds like you have a nice weekend planned. I hope you enjoy it! I love the quote at the end of your post. It really is true. I think “nothing really” is my typical response when someone asks me whats new/what's going on. It seems like nothing at the time but there is always something 😉

  2. I seem to recall you saying that nothing was new at the wedding… which did seem unlikely after a couple of years. 😉 Try for a better response next time I see you! And thanks for the comment… I was doing pretty well up until I got that early card from my parents and freaked out slightly. Fun times!

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