To the Mountains!

This Saturday morning has started much slower than originally planned, but we were plied with way too much wine at our favorite Greek place last night. Until 3a.m. Damn you delicious Greek place!

It’s okay though. It’s my birthday weekend and I’ll drink too much wine while receiving harassing text messages from my sister if I want too. 

But as soon as I throw some stuff in a bag and BV gets out of the shower, we’re off. The other day I mentioned that we’re heading to the mountains… far far away from silly things like cell phone reception, but I thought I’d give you all a little visual. I’ll be here for the next few days…

The Königsee, via Pinterest

The Watzmann Mountain, Via Berchtesgadener Land

Have I mentioned my love for the mountains lately? But even if you’re not going to a mountain, I hope you all have a lovely weekend as well!


10 thoughts on “To the Mountains!

  1. Thanks so much Bev! I tried to comment on one of your birthday posts, but I'm not sure if it showed up. For some reason some of them have been getting filtered as spam when I use my other email address. Grumble! Hope you had a great rest of the week though!

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