Moving On and Moving In

Quick notice before the post… Lately I’ve been trying to comment on some of your blogs on the WordPress platform, and the comments have been disappearing. I have no idea why they’re getting spam filtered or whatever, but if you check the spam folder, you might find some. Have any other people (especially non-Wordpress users) been having this problem? Or does anyone know what to do about it? 

And back to our regularly scheduled post… 

One of the things that happened while on our America trip in June was that BV and I started discussing the idea of moving in together. I’ll assume that means that the trip went well, and that he wasn’t scared off by my sudden proclamations of “Woo America”-type sentiments. Kidding…. mostly.

Maybe premature, but here’s hoping! Via

At first we talked about looking for a bigger place in the city, as there’s no way we can both fit into my 37 square meters… dude has a lot of stuff. But after perusing the internet a bit, we decided to just move me over to his place. It’s not in the city, and will lengthen my commute by quite a bit, but it’s just such a good deal it seems idiotic to give it up. BV rents from a friend of his, which means he pays (what seems like nearly) nothing for the entire upstairs of a house. No-one lives downstairs, so the whole place, including the giant garden, is just for us. It’s about 90 square meters, and even with all his stuff, there’s an entire empty room right now. Pretty awesome.

Side note: when I told my parents that it made sense for us to move in, they didn’t seem to like that reason. Of course, that’s not the only reason…. totally apart from the fact that it does make sense at this point, we are (almost nauseatingly, I hear) happy and all that sort of thing. Everything is sunshine and daisies, even if he won’t let me get 10 dogs because that’s “too many,” or “crazy.” (Like there’s such a thing as “too many” dogs.) But yes, things are good. Just in case anyone was wondering. 

Officially my move-out date is the end of September, but I’ve hardly been at my house at all this last month. We’re trying to get his place a bit more liveable and a little less chaotic in the meantime. We spent most of the first half of the year at my house, which resulted in things getting thrown down somewhere and then forgotten about when he came here once a week to empty the mailbox. Coupled with his love of technical things and lack of shelving, it makes things very interesting. So far, we’ve accomplished the following things…

  1. Ordered an enormous new wardrobe that will hopefully have enough room for both of us. We got it on eBay and need to pick it up sometime at the end of the month. If any of you have a truck and a desire to help BV disassemble it and move it over here, we will happily pay you in beer and pizza. 
  2. Looked at paint. Now we just need to go back to the OBI and actually buy it, a ladder, and assorted other supplies. My job is to paint the bedroom sometime this month, while BV studies for his first semester of Master’s tests. I think I get the better deal. 
  3. Death to the curtains! Full disclosure: he has some really questionable things in this house… the good news is that most of them came from somewhere or someone else, and he’s not all that attached to them. So the red, velvet-y looking curtains that flanked the grandma’s old lace white curtains in the living room are gone. They were quite awful, so much so that a friend asked about their origins when we had Thanksgiving here last year. I advocated for their burning, but he thinks they belong to his landlord so they’re now in a box in the attic. I’d bet 50€ that the next time we open that box we’ll find a cozy red mouse nest. But since his landlord is a category 3 pack rat, they’ll wait in the attic until he can part with them himself. 
  4. Speaking of pack rats, BV has some slight tendencies too. While looking for a place to store couch cushions the other day, I was perplexed to find random boxes of electrical stuff behind nearly every door I tried. I thought it was mostly all in the “office,” but it was everywhere. Our Monday night project thus became “clean out the Wandschrank (a giant piece of furniture in the living room with TV, stereo, wineglasses, fondue pot, etc.) so Heather has somewhere to put her things too!” We managed to make some room, mostly by relocating things… not so much throwing things out. Since my Tuesday classes were cancelled, my project was then to clean/polish/dust the Wandschrank because it would totally fail my grandma’s dust test. Fun! 
  5. This evening we’re going to pick up a small shelf for the bedroom that I found on a moving sale message board. They have two which are similar, so depending how much space we have in the car I’m going to try to talk BV into taking both of them when we get there. Shhhhhhhhh. Mostly I just don’t want to put all my stuff on the floor when we move it over here, because that’s about the best place for it now. Shelves are our friends!

That’s about as far as we’ve gotten and there are a lot more things we’d like to do. I keep reminding him to pace himself, and that we don’t have to do anything in the first 10 minutes, as neither of us are millionaires and things like his tests have to take priority. We looked a bit at bookshelves last night, which are needed pretty desperately. His office has some but they’re completely full, and the rest of the room is full of boxes and toolboxes all piled on top of each other. I don’t have a ton of stuff, but if we want to get it in there, we’re going to have to do some reorganizing. He’s also anti-IKEA and anti-particle board furniture, so any suggestions of buying some cheap shelving usually don’t go over very well. Ideally, we’d have something like this…

Via Pinterest

…because who doesn’t want a library with a ladder? But I think we might have to compromise. One step at a time, right?

Know anyone with a truck who enjoys beer and pizza? Any tips on semi-good quality furniture places in DE? Or any sage advice on moving in with the significant other? Leave it in the comments!


18 thoughts on “Moving On and Moving In

  1. My husband wants to keep everything. For years we had to keep his rather large rock collection in our spare wardrobe. I finally got to move it to cellar only because we needed the space for baby stuff. Throwing anything away is a fight unless it's complete rubbish. He always wants to sell things on Ebay rather than give them too Goodwill. I really think he might have become a hoarder if I wasn't around.

  2. Good luck on the move! I know exactly how that goes, but my boyfriend is the minimalist type, so rather than having too much stuff when I moved in, we had too little! Safe to say, we remedied that problem, it's still a process, I know. 🙂

    Thanks also for the heads up about the spam filter — I indeed found your comment sitting in mine! I just set up a new filter through WordPress because the spam on my blog was getting out of control, but I guess there are a few false-positives every one in a while. Supposedly, the filter is supposed to “learn” who is spam and who is not, so hopefully you shouldn't have that problem on my blog anymore!

  3. Oh my god… I thought BV was the only one! He has a pretty big rock collection as well, but it's not an old hobby because he's still doing it. Every time he goes on a hike he brings home at least one. On one of our last hikes he brought home about six, one of which is enormous. He pulled it out of his backpack and my jaw about hit the floor! Maybe it's a German thing, as BV is a big eBay-er as well. There's also a giant empty terrarium we're trying to figure out what to do with. My suggestion was to put it back on eBay where it came from. We shall see. 🙂

  4. Thanks Mandy! It should be very interesting…

    And also thanks for checking! I'm not surprised that WordPress amped up their filters; that's exactly why I put those annoying captcha things back on here. I was getting at least 20-30 spam comments a day and I couldn't take it anymore. Here's hoping the problem is solved. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the tip Katrin! I haven't looked on there before but we'll definitely check it out. We've done a lot of eBay stalking so far, and there are a lot of normal stores that list on there too which is cool. And I'm all about the free delivery!

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