End of Summer Amusements

Today I wanted to share some random pictures I collected over the last few weeks. The end of summer has been really lovely, and these all brought me a chuckle. Hope you enjoy…

Zoo: THE destination in summer.

I’m really hoping that this is only the first ad in a the zoo’s new campaign. Because who doesn’t love pictures of bears with their tongues out? But if they’re trying to convince people to trade in the beer garden for the zoo, they might be barking up the wrong tree. They might be better off reminding people that they aren’t giving up beer by going to the zoo. Have no fear, you can get your drink on there too. 

I spotted this gem at the Metro the other week and absolutely cracked up. While this isn’t marketed as an “American-style” product like so many other things, I’d say that the red/white/blue/star-covered display gets the message across. And how many baseball-related products are there in Europe? Not that many. My only regret is that they covered up the person’s head, because I guarantee he has an absolutely ridiculous look on his face.

Now here’s a product specifically touting “the AMERICAN way of life.” (Sorry it’s a little blurry.) But of all the possible mascots for marshmallows, would anyone pick out a biker? It wouldn’t make my list but hey, I don’t work in marketing. Maybe easy rider himself enjoyed a roasted marshmallow or s’more from time to time. 

Where I come from, summer hits are more like I don’t know… a Hanson song. Charcoal is really more of an unsung barbeque hero in my opinion.

Ah yes, the humble douche doosh. I dragged BV over to get this picture after we had dinner late at night because I didn’t want to take the picture in broad daylight with a street full of shoppers. But it was too funny to miss. Personally, I would think this is kind of a personal question to put in your shop window but I applaud Butler’s for their bold approach to selling shower heads. Or whatever the hell this thing is. 

Seen any other funny products making the rounds lately? 


6 thoughts on “End of Summer Amusements

  1. I'm pretty sure there's a whole line of “Nick The Easy Rider” American-style products — including 100% genuine Canadian maple syrup.

    Brace yourself: that may open up the “Amerika ist kein Staat, sondern ein (oder zwei) Erdteil(e)!” discussion.

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