Nürnberg Knits III

I was rushing to meet a friend last week when I turned down a street I usually pass right by. To my surprise, when I looked up I saw this looking back at me…

How freakin’ cute is he? And as you can see, there were a whole line of them. I doubt this was the same yarn-bomber who struck around town before, as this seemed pretty deliberate. These posts are in front of a store called something like, “Leapfrog” or “Frogger” (I can’t recall), which looks like a children’s clothing, etc. store. I don’t really care if it’s just for marketing… it’s damn cute.


11 thoughts on “Nürnberg Knits III

  1. I had never heard of yarn bombing until I began reading your blog. It sure is cute and it would brighten my day to turn onto a street where there were cutsie characters decorating the parking meters.

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