Words to Live By: A Proposal for a Bavarian Motto

In this post I’d like to put forth a proposal. While I have heard many an expression over the last two-plus years of German living, there doesn’t seem to be any “official” mottos for the state. In the U.S. of course, each state has a motto, as odd as it might be, and I think Germany should get in on this action. 

Might I present this as a possible motto for life here in Bavaria (or Franconia, at the risk of pissing off those around me)…

Translation: “A life without pleasure is like a long journey without an inn.”

I may jest, but the German (or again, at least the Bavarian/Franconian) love for the Gasthaus is unconditional. I think it’d make a fine motto. And since there’s an election on, perhaps one of the newly-elected politicians can make it happen. 


4 thoughts on “Words to Live By: A Proposal for a Bavarian Motto

  1. I don't know about states, but some towns have motos. Karlsruhe has “Viel vor, viel dahinter” but they've been trying to come up with a new one for AGES! Göttingen has “Stadt, die Wissen schafft”

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