Anniversary Eats

On Monday, BV and I celebrated our one-year anniversary by eating as much as humanly possible. That wasn’t really our intention, but it just seemed to work out that way. 

He’s still on vacation – aka, madly studying for his next round of university tests on Saturday – and Mondays are normally a day off for me, so it was nice that we got to hang out together all day. We had a gift certificate for one of the bakeries in town laying around and we decided to give it a try for breakfast. It’s a newer place, and despite having driven past it every time we leave town, neither of us had been in. And I’ve got news for you, bakery that’s conveniently located in the Edeka entryway… you are out. We walked in and immediately started drooling at the rows and rows of choices. Including muffins! Multiple varieties! I’ll have to go back another day and take pictures, but for now let’s focus on the breakfast.

The cafe has a variety of breakfast options ranging from a buttered pretzel with a small coffee to the epic two-person breakfast bonanza… which is what we got. 

Although I got a strange look from the next table, I still immediately took the mini champagne bottle and the orange juice to mix up some mimosas. And the food… oh… the food. Eggs (scrambled for me, fried for him)? Check. Giant basket of bread (that’s about half in the picture)? Check. Meats? Check. Cheeses? Check. Antipasta and jam? Check. Mixed fruit and Greek yogurt? Check. Over-stuffed diners? Check.

Many, many, many, hours later, I decided to get started on dinner. I had found a few things on Pinterest that I wanted to try, and I’ll just give you the results. Pictures are all from my iPhone in the too-dark kitchen, so sorry they aren’t that great.

My original plan was to make this recipe for Roasted Spaghetti Squash. With the weather changing, it seemed like a sure bet. The picture isn’t the prettiest, but as you can see, I ended up having to use a small pumpkin. The store didn’t have any squash, but I will be keeping my eye out. It was delicious with pumpkin though, and I can recommend giving it a try. 

Since that dish was heavier, I wanted to keep the salad light. I had some Feldsalat (lamb’s lettuce), and added strawberries and pomegranate seeds. I also had some leftover roasted hazelnuts, and Parmesan from the roasted pumpkin, so that went on top. I mixed a normal honey mustard dressing with olive oil, and I have to say the results were delicious. 

For dessert, I was determined to put a dent in the giant bowl of pears we had collected from the tree in the garden. 

Oh, Pear Crisp. You were a good choice, and I will be picking more fruit as soon as they ripen. Personally I’m hoping to get some ripe apples soon so I can combine fruit on the next batch. 

Besides all the eating, it was a pretty quiet day. BV studied, while I prepped for the week of classes, and de-spidered the extra room. A carpet installer was coming the next day and if by any chance he was arachnophobic, we would have had a major problem. We also had a visit from his landlord, and we signed an updated lease. Considering that, and the fact that my landlord has filled my apartment already, I guess this is official now. 

Pretty crazy how different things can be in a year, isn’t it? 


10 thoughts on “Anniversary Eats

  1. That breakfast looks amazing! Not sure why the Germans were giving you weird looks – they mix Sekt with orange juice all the time here. And champagne is just more expensive Sekt… from France.

    Judging by your picture and the description in the recipe, pear crisp is basically what I would call crumble. Perfect autumn desert! I need to make crumble again (as soon as I can chew…)

  2. Got me… maybe they were just judging us because it was on a Monday or Tuesday morning. Sorry, ladies. 🙂 I'm so American sometimes, I always forget to use the correct word. Every sparkling thing is champagne to us, haha.

    I've called it both crumble and crisp, and so do most people I know. Normally no problem but I think I confused BV when I kept using different words. Whoops!

  3. Eh, I get weird looks a lot and have yet to figure out why. I'm constantly checking to see if I have something on my face, that's how often it happens. Weird!

    And thanks! Breakfasts are always a good way to celebrate. 🙂

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