Oh, Hey There, Internet

Bad blogger. I know it’s been over a month since my last update and for that I must apologize. Sometimes it just seems that there’s way too much to say and yet not all that much to say at the same time. Weird, but true. So, what’s been happening in the last month? Bullet points!

  • I hauled myself up and down four twisting flights of stairs for the last time… That’s right, I moved. The famed House Hunters International apartment is gone. BV and I are comfortably shacked up. Just don’t ask if I’m finished unpacking. I’m not sure where all this stuff came from, and I’m even less sure about where I’m going to put it.

Mid-packing at the old place = sad.
  • Oktoberfest times two. Two times the fun! 

             * Day one (on the first day of the fest): finally initiating a German friend (and her friend) into the Wiesn. Now when she travels abroad, people will no longer be flabbergasted that she’s never been. It must be said, it was shockingly easy to get into a tent/find a table before the festivities started. But three girls in Dirndl have it pretty easy. We arrived at about 10:30, kegs were tapped at 12 o’clock exactly, and we got our first beer 45 minutes later. The first day is a little nutty. Also, there was no leaving the tent once we were in. If you left, there was no way you were getting in anywhere else… the giant mass of people beyond the security tape ensured that.

Party=yes, smoking=no.
Following the rules.
              * Day two (on a Thursday): Karl and I braved a biblical downpour to spend a day at the fest, where we were making friends with old folks, and being bewildered by the Bavarian dialect. Nothing makes my crummy German feel worse than an old lady who really really wants to talk to me, and I don’t understand a word. Her daughter, son-in-law, and grandson-in-law, I understood fine, but the super-Bavarian was beyond my skills. We still had a good time though, see?

  • Got ahead of myself there for a second… My good buddy / Prague brother Karl visited, he’s the cute guy seen above. He made a slight 5-day side trip from a visit to London just to hang out with me, which is pretty damn awesome. Plus he came laden with goodies. We had a great couple of days just kicking it around town, and BV decided that he likes Karl more than me, because Karl explained what was happening during ‘Game of Thrones,’ instead of just saying, “well, you have to watch and see.” We also played an intense, multi-hour game of Egyptian Rat Screw (one of our favorite Prague pastimes), and learned that BV should either 1) be better at card games, or 2) not play for shots on a school night. I won, and it was epic. 
  • We took a trip North: We headed up near Essen for a weekend, where I met some of BV’s extended family, we slept in a room with Lillifee wallpaper and some very chatty guinea pigs. Also, I showed off some awkward line dancing moves, and learned the importance of the Stehkreis. A Stehkreis (literally: circular stand), means everyone at the party stands in a circle for some sort of dancing game/activity. The number of Stehkreis in an evening is directly proportional to the amount of beer drunk by the guy grabbing the microphone. In this case, it was many. We left shortly after the “last” one was called at 3:30am. After we left, there were more “last” dances, with the official “last” one happening closer to 5:30am. Oy.
  • Work: slow, slower, stop. To be honest, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll have work, and am (sort of) working on Plan B. The economic situation at a few of the companies that I teach isn’t great, and that means less English lessons. I have a few months notice at least, but really, I’m getting a little tired of the teaching English game. On the other hand, I don’t have any particularly bright ideas on what else to do. Got any? Pass ’em along! 
That’s about all I can think of for the moment, apart from the fact that it’s fall and so alternately gorgeous -or- raining cats and dogs. I’m also horribly behind on reading/commenting on blogs, so hopefully I can get around to that this week. Thanks all for the nice messages, and I’m sorry I’m a deadbeat blogger sometimes. It’s part of the charm. 🙂 Hope everyone has a great week, and enjoy a picture of this completely random and slightly terrifying thing that has popped up on the street in Nürnberg!


4 thoughts on “Oh, Hey There, Internet

  1. Thanks Bev… I've been entirely too lazy and need to catch up with everyone else now! 🙂

    Those were actually the backs of all the menus in the tent… guess they wanted to make sure that no one could possibly miss the message!

  2. Having visitors is the best. It was totally like Christmas in September; stuff just kept coming out of the suitcase! My favorite reaction thus far has been when BV and I made the first box of mac & cheese on Saturday. He took a bite, and said, “Yummmm… that's not a children's menu!” Sorry kiddos. 🙂

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