German Thanksgiving II

On Sunday, BV and I hosted our second Thanksgiving dinner here at the house. We planned a bit better than last year, but then again, anything can be planned better if you decide to do it more than two days in advance! (See: last year)

This year we doubled the party and had a total of ten people over for the meal. We were able to order a turkey from the butcher – neatly avoiding the two tiny turkey problem we ran into last year. BV had ordered a 5-6kg bird, but when I went to pick it up, it weighed in at just over 7kg, or 16 lbs! The woman at the butcher shop said that was all they could get so that’s what we were going with. I was a little afraid that it wasn’t going to fit into the pan or our oven, but luckily it did. On the absolute bottom rack. Hey, whatever works. 

Here’s the bird right before it got stuffed with the “aromatics.” So fancy!

I did the bulk of the cooking in the morning while BV cleaned our disaster of a flat. I was ready for a big ol’ glass of wine by the time that everyone arrived, but this was an incredibly helpful (and patient) group of people. Everyone pitched in, mashing potatoes and heating up side dishes so everything could get out of the oven and onto the table.

With ten people over, and a table that seats six maximum, it wasn’t the most formal of meals. We had to go semi-buffet style and sadly, I don’t have a nice picture of a fancy-dancy table since some people sat there, and some people were around the coffee table. Maybe next year when we get more inserts for the table and just extend it out the balcony doors so we can all sit at it! 

Everything was so crazy that I really didn’t get too many pictures at all. I think some other people took a few, but since I don’t have them, my iPhone is all we’ve got to go on. I feel bad because my students told me to take pictures, but I didn’t do very well with my homework. I got the turkey though, so I guess that’s something. Here is it before BV went to town with the knife….

It was gorgeous, and tasted great. I thought it maybe cooked a bit too long, but it came out absolutely perfectly and I’ll be using this recipe again for sure. In addition to the turkey we had stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, roasted squash, a mixed veggie dish, biscuits, and for dessert there were assorted bakery goods and apple crumble. Don’t worry, I didn’t make everything (thank goodness), and a few people were so kind as to bring sides and desserts. Teamwork! Everyone left with full stomachs, and the clean up crew (aka, my favorite people ever) left with doggie bags too. Thank goodness they stayed and helped out, because BV had to drive straight to a 3-day training and I guarantee the kitchen would still look like a war zone right now. I spent most of Monday on the couch trying to recover, but it was worth it. 

Hope all you American expats had a good Thanksgiving as well… it’s not always easy being away for the holidays, but making it your own helps! 


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