Meet Little Miss Marry

Whew. I don’t know about you kids, but it’s been busy over here. My sister paid us a visit last week and we did some touring, but that’s going to have to wait for another post. Today, I’m here to share something small and fuzzy with you…

Kitty in lounge mode.

Kitty in lounge mode.

Meet Marry, our new Katze. The name may or may not stay, but that’s what she came with. After much discussion, debate, and stalking of Tierheim (animal shelter) websites, we finally decided last week that it was time to settle down and bring a furry creature home with us. Because sometimes I get tired of petting BV’s beard, and I need something with actual fur.

Yes, I just said that. It’s weird. Go with it.

We got her last week on Friday and thus far we know the following things:

  • Marry follows cat tradition and will sit in any available box.
  • The shelter found her outside and thus considered her to be an outdoor cat, but to this point she seems quite happy to be inside with the occasional ‘sit and stare out the window’ session.
  • She is an excellent hunter, at least when it comes to small stuffed mice on strings. I also don’t think I want her to get her paws on any real mice (at least, not in the house), as the tail on her stuffed mouse lasted about 10 minutes after we got her home. I don’t need any gory surprises between the bed and the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  • She lays in odd ways. This was her pre-freakout playtime lounge position for about 20 minutes last night. She also isn’t much of a lap cat, but if you’re sleeping on your side in our house, you may wake up to find her perched on your shoulder for a while. marry3

In summation, cats are weird. I had kind of forgotten the weirdness, but it’s coming back to me know. That’s about all I can say at the moment, but this should be interesting. Oh, and I may have to put aside my hatred for Twitter (better known as Twatter around here), because it turns out that my boyfriend is a weird cat person and his conversations with her are just begging for some sort of Twitter feed. We shall see.


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