Fun With Duolingo

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about some German words that make me nuts. I’m not sure if they’ve improved or not via this little exorcism, but I’m hoping. I also mentioned that I’d been using my Duolingo App, and I’m happy to say that I’ve been really good about it lately. Having said that, sometimes it’s pretty hard to take seriously. So on this Monday morning, have a laugh at some of the ridiculous things that my app has had me learn. When these will be applicable I don’t know. I’m a little scared to find out. Enjoy.

IMG_3484 IMG_3485

Well, at least the cook isn’t serving the horse to the general public. And most daughters have a father, one way or another, so that’s good news. I’m hoping this comes in handy when we get a new TV and I can watch some sort of German version of Maury Povich.

IMG_3488 IMG_3489

Ohhhh, someone’s having a bit of a lover’s quarrel.

IMG_3656 IMG_3487

Some people really love their pets. So much so that they enjoy studying with them. So what? There are an odd number of animal sentences used in the app though. Apparently pets are a hot topic of Deutsch conversation.

IMG_3669 IMG_3654

Seems like an odd way to describe family dynamics. Why not “the man doesn’t like his mother”? Is he one of those crazy vegetarians that is so hardcore that it becomes his only identifying characteristic? I have so many questions. Luckily, someone’s wife knows all the answers. I just have to find her now…

IMG_3513 IMG_3490

Again with the animals. They’re always getting into something whether it be a dog drinking from the toilet (fairly standard), or a bear playing dress-up (wait, what now?). Silly critters.

And finally, we have what I like to call “cutting to the chase.”

Hopefully this gave you a little taste of why I have a hard time taking my German learning very seriously. However, I do enjoy a bit of competition so if anyone else out there is playing, look me up on the app with the usual handle @heatherinde

I just got to level 10, so let’s race!


3 thoughts on “Fun With Duolingo

    • Thanks Katrin! And I have no idea what the German version of Maury Povich is… I’m just hoping that there is one. But then again, we don’t have a TV, so one thing at a time, haha.

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