Feeling Like Spring…

It feels almost cruel to be saying this given the winter that my friends and family have been enduring in America, but here it goes…. It feels like spring here.  The birds are singing their little hearts out every morning, and making poor Marry the Cat crazy at the same time. Sunlight streams into the house for most of the day now and I feel so much better that it’s not even funny. If you are reading this from Deutschland, you might recall last winter being long and graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Gray. Just gray. I hate to feel like I might jinx things by writing this post but I’m taking the risk.

Welcome to the magical fairyland of our yard right now….spring1

We’ve got crocuses, snowdrops, and sweet little yellow flowers that look like buttercups. And our yard is not even the most colorful in town. Almost everyone has flowers sprouting up all over the place. In fact, it’s been so nice that I’ve even been motivated to move myself out the door and around the village for a little “wogging.” It’s mostly walking with the occasional spurt of jogging for a minute or two until my lungs hate me. But apart from the breathing issue it’s been a great chance to wander around town a bit more, and check out the endless paths that wander between villages and farm fields. spring2

We even made an attempt to go for the first hike of the year last weekend, but the steady rain and cool temperatures did not make for a good time. We were out for a few hours and a nice lunch, but BV developed a touch of flu afterwards so I think we’ll have to take it easy on outdoor activities for a bit. Honestly though, I’m just happy to have the option and not to be frozen into my house. Sorry, not sorry, Midwesterners! You are all welcome to come visit if you can dig out from your snowbanks!


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