The Bores of March

No dramatic Ides happening over here, sadly. About the most exciting thing that’s happened so far in March was my walk today that started in sunshine and ended in a really light hail. Riveting, I know. Oh, and last week I saw some frogs being appropriately twitterpated. Spring!

march update2Apart from a sprinkling of hail, the weather has been mostly glorious. Although it seems to be conspiring against us on the weekends…. I keep wanting to plan out our garden for the year and the sunshine stops about Friday afternoon. We’ll shoot for this weekend, and if anyone has any gardening tips, please leave them below. I’m pretty much flying blind, although BV should know what’s going on considering he A) is German and B) has spent a ton of time living at/working in, a friend’s nursery.

Marry the Cat has settled in quite well to our house, and we’re trying to fix up the extra rooms so we can stop trying to keep her out of them. Currently all of the plants that used to live around the place are squished into one room as it turns out that all of them are harmful to cats. Go figure. She’s very busy though, and we have to spend a good amount of time amusing her or she will try to do yoga with you in the afternoons. Apologies to anyone who hates feet for the picture.

march update3

Yoga kitty.

She got kicked out of the room shortly thereafter, as I feared for both my toes and the yoga mat.

Spend anytime in Germany and you will notice a lot of odd and regionally-specific things, particularly here in Bavaria. I was in a toy store the other week when I spotted this little gem….

march update1Yep, that’s right, a Weißwurst Frühstück for even the smallest of Kinder. This officially beats out the grilling kit for boys as my favorite German toy. My only question is: “where is the tiny Hefeweizen that should go with a real Bavarian breakfast?”

So that’s about it on my end. No major trips in the works, no parties, just hanging out and enjoying the sun. What’s going on where you are??


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