Italy Comes to Nürnberg

One of the things that I miss the most about not living directly in Nürnberg anymore, is stumbling across the Italian market on the Fleischbrücke. As far as I can tell, the market seems to happen every two or three months. But I never seem to know when they’re happening, and haven’t been able to pin down a schedule for them thus far.  This week though, I got lucky. So lucky in fact, that I managed to get there twice, on Friday and again on Saturday.

Friday I was in the city for dinner with a friend and swung through the market to buy some truffle sausage, sheep cheese, and a few bottles of wine. I came back on Saturday with BV, and we picked up more truffle paste, more wine, and some cannolis that are nothing short of amazing.

The food and drink are of course wonderful, but there’s something really special about the atmosphere. It’s not everyday that you get to see people here let their hair down and just hang out, but at the Italian market everyone is smiling, laughing, and dancing to the live music. The vendors are friendly, urging you to sample a little bit of everything, even if you’re just looking. But who could resist giant displays of cheese, rows upon rows of wine, and amusing sausage signs? Not this girl, that’s for sure.

The picture of the tables and bridge above was actually taken when the market was here last September (hence the guy in shorts), but there was no way to get a decent picture of the bridge this time around because it was way too crowded! As soon as the sun comes out, the Germans collectively lose their minds, flocking to the streets and start consuming mass quantities of Aperol Spritz. Here’s what the bridge looked like every time I saw it this weekend…

italian market9

Nürnberg Tip of the Day: One of the best views in town (meaning a view of the Kaiserburg, aka Imperial Castle), can be found on top of the Adler Parkhaus. And yes, the main crowd of people in that picture is directly around the wine tent. Priorities!

So if you happen to be visiting our fair city, make sure to make a turn off of the main square to see if anything is happening on the Fleischbrücke. The normal market in Nürnberg is really great and has a lot to offer, but the Italian market is a little something special. If you’re really really lucky, you might even get to see the Venetian Market, which happens once a year in early summer, and has even more Italian awesomeness, if that’s possible. If you’re really really really lucky, your significant other might make you a delicious Italian hedgehog for dinner…

italian market4

Sadly, that hedgehog was a result of last summer’s market. Perhaps the sheep cheese we bought this time doesn’t lend itself as well to spiking. Anyway, I’m off to debate which kind of cannoli I’ll have for dessert tonight… decisions!

What about where you live? Any good markets to check out?


3 thoughts on “Italy Comes to Nürnberg

  1. This is why I love WordPress…..I was born in Nurenburg in ’88 and have been living in Tennessee in the USA for quite awhile….but stumbling across a blog which shows pictures of my birth town is heart warming 🙂 You posted a photo with those 2 towers side by side with teal tips at the top, I visited that place when I turned 18 and my dad took me to Germany as a graduation gift. Is that a church? I can’t remember….

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Cathy! You gotta love blogs for all the random connections you find. 🙂

      The teal towers are indeed a church, St. Sebald in the old part of the city. So glad I could help bring back good thoughts of your German visit, and thanks for reading!

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