Strasbourg: The Food

Two weekends ago, BV and I took a little road trip to Strasbourg to celebrate his birthday. I’ll have a more thorough post on it later this week, but today I wanted to share a bit about the most important thing when going to France… and that’s food and drink.

Starting with drink… Strasbourg is in the Alsace region, which is most well-known for its white wines. Because of the proximity to Germany, there were some familiar names like Gewürztraminer, Riesling, and Müller-Thurgau, mixed in with the more French-sounding names (Pinot Gris, Rose, etc.) In the name of research, we tried quite a few different kinds as you can see below. Besides the wine we were delighted to find that a beer fest celebrating regional breweries was happening all weekend in the square right next to the Strasbourg Cathedral. I’ll just assume that meant that they knew we were coming. We tried quite a few of the beers on offer (see me double-fisting below) and I wish I had more information about the individual breweries, but I couldn’t find any leaflets or other information laying around. All I know is that were light beers, dark beers, IPAs (take note Germany!), and that many of them were damn tasty. More research will be undertaken on the next trip, don’t worry.

Moving onto food, we ate very well all weekend. The first night we found a small Weinstube, or wine bar, that was still serving food. We scarfed down our galettes, but were surprised to see that they weren’t buckwheat pancakes (as is usual at the French place here), but instead were more like potato pancakes with very finely shredded potato. Mine was topped with Black Forest ham and fresh cheese, and BV had salmon, and fresh cheese with horseradish. Both were absolutely delicious and clearly had a short life as I didn’t get any pictures.

Saturday night we enjoyed dinner out on the patio of a restaurant not too far away from the Petit France area. I can’t remember the name, but this time I have pictures! BV had a starter of goat cheese on toast. The goat cheese was really strong, but really delicious. My dinner was roasted potatoes with fresh cheese (sensing a theme here), fresh minced garlic, and chives. It might sound boring, but it was not. The potatoes were absolutely perfectly cooked, golden and a little crisp on the outside, soft and buttery on the inside. With the fresh cheese and herbs… yum! BV went for mussels, one of his favorite dishes. They were good, but the standard for him remains the mussels that he had in Brussels.

Obviously after all the food and drink, you need something sweet. Which brings us to the desserts. One of my main concerns was getting my hands on some macaroons. We saw some out and about, but bought some at the bakery right next to our apartment, which also happens to be where the delicious cake display below was. Oh, and that lemon cake, and the super-chocolate cake was there too. We pretty much hit the jackpot on neighborhood bakeries. The lady inside was super-sweet too, and very patient with our indecisiveness. When in doubt, get one of every macaroon. That’s my advice to you all. We’re still working our way through the box, but thus far, they’ve all been good choices.

We had a great weekend, and more about Strasbourg is forthcoming, but I’d go back strictly based on the food. What do you think?

Have you been to Strasbourg? Did we miss any good treats?


5 thoughts on “Strasbourg: The Food

  1. I Love Strasbourg. I’ve been loads of times because it’s really close to us. Last time I went was my 30th birthday and we ate incredibly rich cakes at a place called Christian’s, which is supposedly famous.

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