Veldensteiner Strikes Again

Almost exactly two years ago, I posted about a particularly frightening advertisement by Veldensteiner Bier that was all over Nürnberg. If you’re feeling brave, you can see the original post right here.

This campaign featuring the art of Bruno Haberzettl is still going strong, and I finally remembered to get another picture to share with you. While these are nowhere near the scary factor of the Snow White one, they are still pretty ridiculous. Apologies for the iPhone quality and my finger getting slightly in the way… next time I’ll try to take the pictures before I drink several of the beers. (No promises, though.)

veldensteiner coastersAnything featuring giraffes is good in my book.

Speaking of beer, there was a list on Buzzfeed yesterday that happened to be sponsored by one of my very favorite American beers, Leinenkugel’s, of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. If any fellow Wisconsinites are out there reading this, click away, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I consider myself somewhat of an authority on cheese curds so #1 immediately made my mouth water. An average trip home for me involves at least 4-5 stops specifically to eat cheese curds. Also as an alum of UW-Eau Claire, I got a chuckle out of both #14 and #28. I don’t miss #19 AT ALL, but I miss #20 like the desert misses the rain. And we just may have to grill tonight to fulfill the three commandments of bratwurst. Yum!

Anybody else want some cheese curds? Or will a nice, cool, Veldensteiner hit the spot?

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Veldensteiner Strikes Again

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