What Not to Say to Your German Significant Other: Football Edition

Last night, BV and I were settled in with bratwurst and beer to watch the first German match of this year’s World Cup. As an American who has never really gotten into soccer, excuse me, football, I’m basically an uneducated philistine around here at the moment. We were talking about some of the players, when I thought it would be funny to ask the following question.

H: “So, how many F.C. Nürnberg players are on the national team this year?”

BV: “Um, 5 or 6. Definitely more than any other German team.”


I gotta give the guy credit on this one, he gave it right back. There was much giggling involved, but I shouldn’t joke. Football is serious business to the average German gentleman, and I should behave myself.

If you’re confused (and I would be), our local team, F.C. Nürnberg, had an absolutely horrible season, and got kicked down to the 2nd league for next season. BV is a fan of Der Club, as are most people in this area. Around here, most people are either for Nürnberg or Fürth, and F.C. Bayern Munich is known as “uuuughhhh, Bayern.”

Of course, F.C. Bayern Munich is the best team in the German league, and so their World Cup team this year is chock-full of Munich players. Seven players come from Munich, four from Borussia Dortmund (2nd place in the Bundesliga this year), and then a handful from other German teams, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Chelsea, and the Italian league.

At the moment though, all regional rivalries are set aside, and everyone is pumped up for the World Cup/Weltmeisterschaft. It’s pretty fun to see everyone displaying their flags, partying at the public viewings, and getting into the spirit. I was still in Prague for the last World Cup, and it was mostly popular among the expat community. The Czechs are more into hockey, so it didn’t seem to be a particularly big deal to a lot of them. It’s been entertaining to be here so far, and after last night’s total domination of Portugal, they are off to a good start. I shall be donning my Americana best on the 26th, mostly to annoy BV, and we already have a bet on the game. I’m fully anticipating to pay up on that one, but who knows, maybe the USMNT will help me out.

Seen outside the Nbg train station in 2010

Seen outside the Nbg train station in 2010

I’m hoping to get to a public viewing, but for now, scenes from a bus window in 2010 will have to do.


Are you watching? Who are you rooting for?


9 thoughts on “What Not to Say to Your German Significant Other: Football Edition

  1. I guess the Weltmeisterschaft is the only time you see German flags everywhere. 🙂 I always love the atmosphere during a Fussball tournament. Germany did a great job yesterday and of course I hope that Germany will win the World Cup!

    • It really is. Plus guys on the U-Bahn wearing Deutschland leis around their wrists 4 days before the game. Excited much?
      They really did crush it… and Ronaldo bugs me so I enjoyed it. I’ll be pulling for DE every time, except of course for the U.S. game. Then it’s on!

  2. Karlsruhe’s football team is now in the THIRD division! Luckily Jan doesn’t care about any of the German teams and has joined me in supporting Newcastle United (who were awful for most of the last season but at least came nowhere close to being relegated).

    • 3rd? Ouch! It’s been very dramatic here, especially as Fürth may (or is, I’m a little fuzzy on the relegation thing) go up to 1st, while Nbg drops down. There’s a pretty serious rivalry, which seems silly to me since the cities are completely grown together now. But then again, I’m not from here.
      That’s sweet that he’s teamed up with you… even if they had a rough year. That’s dedication! 🙂

  3. We were hiking in the woods just outside of Oberammergau during the Germany vs. Portugal game, but we were able to follow the score by the volume of cheering. It was a ghost town when we went for dinner, and the kitchen staff brought my son in the kitchen to watch the game with them. 🙂

    • Haha, I told BV that I missed my old flat in Nürnberg because I could hear whenever something important happened in a game. 🙂 That was very sweet of the restaurant staff… sounds like they’ve got their priorities in order!

  4. Germany all the way! It’s not like Ireland ever make it in 😉 Thanks for following my blog! I’ll return the favour as I feel you’ll be helpful in what I should NOT say in Germany 😉 Cheering too loudly (in English) is also not appropriate I discovered! Linda.

    • Hey, it’s okay. Ireland has other charms… like awesome accents. And thanks for the follow-back! I’ve read your blog for awhile, not sure how I didn’t already follow… anyway, trying to make my wordpress reader a little more functional. 🙂 Looking forward to more stories as you get to know Berlin! h.

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