As a member of the Deutschen Alpenverein, or German Alpine Club, every month BV gets a magazine that is chock-full of all kinds of great articles on outdoor activities for mountain enthusiasts. I also enjoy reading (or trying to read) the articles, and we usually get a lot of good ideas for future hiking trips. There are whole routes planned out, tips, and generally a whole lot of useful information. An added bonus for me is that the photography is usually pretty great… because of course everything is better with pictures.

Yesterday I was flipping through the mail and pulled out this month’s issue. And I cannot stop laughing at it. Why? Well…

squirrel man1It’s a very dramatic view when you see the whole thing. But, look closer…

squirrel man2 squirrel man3I cannot get over the facial expression. It’s killing me.

This guy is clearly more bad-ass than I will ever be, and I totally respect his ability to cling onto the side of a cliff like that. Not to mention the photographer who got that shot, who I’m guessing is doing a fair amount of clinging on his own. But the FACE.

I was laughing and laughing yesterday and BV said, “What? That’s how you look when you’re searching for the next place to hold!”

My response was, “Yes, and that’s also how a squirrel looks when he spots an especially delectable-looking acorn up ahead!” At which point I descended back into nonsensical giggling about crazed squirrels. He just shook his head and retreated back into his Den of Horrible Formulas and Scripts (next round of university tests are this/next weekend, poor kid).

In my defense, I was a bit punchy yesterday after a long weekend of traipsing about in the rain with a pile of other bloggin’ folk, and eating/drinking our way around town. It was delightful to meet all of these people after reading their sites, and it was great that they came to Nbg (minus the rain), but for me it was a lot of activity in one weekend. Like I said last week, we’ve been very sloth-like lately. Add to that the fact that Saturday night after I got home, a bat decided to fly into our flat, and we were up until 4am trying to get the damn thing out and yeah… I was a little nuts yesterday. Much like a squirrel.


So… is it a funny picture or have I lost my mind?

8 thoughts on “Cover-Worthy(?)

  1. Jan gets that exact sma emagazine, excpet he never reads it… they just pile up all over the flat. Drives me insane!! That said, I’m going to hunt out his last issue and investigate the original picture for myself πŸ˜€

    • Haha, I hear you. BV usually skims them, but doesn’t read the whole thing. And maybe it’s part of the Alpine Club rules that they can’t get rid of them? We’ve got a large shelf section that is entirely full of back issues as well. So the good news is that they’re at least contained, and not flapping all over the house. I should go through and see if there are any other questionable covers though…

  2. I would laugh at that too. In fact I am! Sorry I didn’t make it to Nbg for the blogging get together, maybe next year! πŸ™‚

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