Back to the Grind, German-Style

As I mentioned last week, BV has had a few weeks of “vacation” while studying for his university tests. Today is his first day back to work, and what follows is a paraphrased conversation we had last night.

BV: Ohhhhh, I just checked my company email and tomorrow is so busy! Before I left, I only had two appointments tomorrow and now I have five.

H: Ouch, I hope they’re short appointments!

BV: No, the first one is at 9:45 and they go all day. I’m going to be so busy!

H: Poor kid, it sounds like you need to schedule a massage* for next week already.

BV: Oh no, don’t worry. The first appointment at 9:45 is for a massage.

H: *headdesk* Of course it is.

*They have a massage therapist who comes to the company, and they can get very cheap massages. There are two, and they’re usually booked solid.

Did I mention that he also has Thursday off so we can go to Munich, and Friday is a national holiday? I sure hope he doesn’t over-exert himself during this two-day work week that is starting with a bloody massage.

Sure, his tests were very stressful, but I still think it’s hilarious that he’s going to roll into the office after two and a half weeks off, dump his stuff at his desk, start the computer, and then roll back out for his massage. Boys.

Since I don’t have a picture that accurately represents massage and all the stock photos are a bit creepy, here’s a picture of a pretty flower. Because fall isn’t all about golden leaves.

fall flower


14 thoughts on “Back to the Grind, German-Style

  1. Ha ha! What a nice way to ease yourself back into work! Don’t think I’ll be that lucky as a freelance teacher! I did get 2 bottles of shower gel from a student today though… That was nice ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That’s exactly why I didn’t feel bad putting him in charge of dinner tonight. Usually that’s my gig, but I had a new class until 8. I figure he should be well-rested after his massage.
      And teaching here shouldn’t be too stressful (especially with gifts!), although we do have a few more vacation days in Bavaria than you do up in Berlin. But there seem to be school holidays every month which means lots of cancellations. Can be good or bad, depending on the week. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I want his kind of busy work day! I don’t usually have meetings – just deadlines. Usually all at the same time! No massages at my company either. (My boss will pay for us to take yoga though if the Krankenkasse we’re with doesn’t cover it).

    • Well at least deadlines can’t talk. That’s one advantage, I guess. And free yoga sounds like a pretty good deal, although I prefer to attempt my contortions in the privacy of my own home with workout DVDs. This comment makes sound very antisocial, haha.

  3. Haha this was hilarious! I read it to Thorsten and now he feels compelled to tell me that his work appointments are not for a massage. In other news we were in Mรผnchen on Thursday too. Cheers !

    • Sounds like he needs to get his priorities in order! Or tell his company to get some massages going, asap. Sadly the people that are at BV’s company are too busy, but I’m sure they could find someone else. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Just saw your post… sounds like you had a good time! We had an “Oktoberfest lite” visit, but it was still good times.

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