Sunday in Pictures

Yesterday was a fairly typical Sunday around here, so I thought I’d share a few pictures.

First off… these red things are all over around our house at the moment. Clean shoes beware!

sunday pics1In the afternoon, we were off to BV’s dad to have a little Sunday lunch. And by “little,” I mean absolutely enormous Schรคufele for the guys, and two steaks for me. For some reason, no matter how many times I only manage one steak, two always show up on my plate. No pictures of food today though, instead I thought people may enjoy seeing what stares at us while we eat….

Yes, one is a Wolpertinger. Beware.

Yes, one is a Wolpertinger. Beware.

After they had all stuffed themselves silly with pork, BV and I returned home and decided to try to walk some of it off before the Packer game. We went my usual route around the village and it was a truly gorgeous evening.

sunday pics13

We also made a quick stop at the cut-your-own flowers-and-grab-a-pumpkin stand to see if there were any spaghetti squash, but they were all out. I was a little sad to see how many gladiolas hadn’t gotten picked this year, because they are one of my favorite flowers. They still had great color… I’ll have to go by more often next year to get some.

sunday pics17The sky started to get dark, but it was still lovely.

We got into the village, and took a moment to stop and appreciate one of the fabulous gardens. They redecorate this well often, and the whole area around it is an absolute riot of color. Flowers, garden statuary, lights, they’ve got it all. The downside is that the windows of the house are right there, so I always feel like a creeper when I try to take pictures. Hence the blurriness.

sunday pics18We made a quick stop at the local restaurant for a beer (since we had worked off at least some of the enormous lunch), and after that we headed home for the Packer game. Marry die Katze was a bit out-of-sorts with us for leaving her alone all day, and here she is… doing her best to distract me from Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the crew.

sunday pics19


That was my Sunday… how was yours?


10 thoughts on “Sunday in Pictures

  1. I don’t even know what a wolpertinger is! Never heard of it! Happy to recognise ‘die Katze’ though!
    My Sunday was shouty. I prefer yours ๐Ÿ™‚ And how pretty is that well!

  2. What a lovely Sunday (well, with the exception of the Wolpertinger staring down at you -I’ve never even heard of that mythical creature before). I’d love to have one the typical German stands where you can cut your own flowers. I miss access to affordable flowers. I also miss spaghetti squash and the likes, but I have to avoid them because they have to much Vitamin A in them for me.

    • You have to visit Bayern, then you’ll hear about the magical mystical Wolpertinger. ๐Ÿ™‚ No pick your own whatever places near you? It’s fall, there must be a pumpkin patch or apple orchard somewhere… right?
      Hope you’re feeling better!

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