Fashion Watch: Labeled Edition

This week was a typical week for my commutes. Trains were late, people were absurd, and the line for McDonald’s breakfast was eight deep. But today redeemed itself in that I got a rare opportunity.

I spend a fair amount of my time observing the sometimes questionable fashion choices that people make. This week had the added bonus of Halloween, so yesterday I saw a guy running around in a cape with a staff, and a boy walking his dog in a polar bear costume. Usually it’s not possible (or would be super obvious), for me to snap pictures of this nonsense. Tonight on the train though, I got the opportunity to be creepy, but sneakily so. I give you, my new favorite backpack… which even trumps the ‘fight the man’ bag of a few weeks ago. It’s also hipster though, don’t worry…

panda backpackYes, in case the ears, black eyes, and fuzziness didn’t tip you off, it’s got the “Panda” right there to reassure you. In my opinion though, it’s a better label than those hideous purses with “LV” or  “C” all over them. Well played, hipster panda girl. Not to mention fhe polka dot hair bow and red lipstick that really set the whole thing off. Rock that panda bag. (Do the kids still say “rock”?)



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