Weird and Wacky Wednesday Vol. 3

Wednesday mornings for me are a strict routine. My train leaves at 6:01. I catch my connecting train at 6:31 in Fürth. At 6:40 I’m in Nürnberg at the main station where I make several stops. (Disclaimer: please no stalking with this information, danke.) First is the bakery, where I pick up something for lunch, and then I hit the Yorma’s to get a smoothie or fruit cup to go with my sandwich. Sometimes I swing through the bookstore to see if there are any good, cheap paperbacks, or a newspaper if I need one for class. My last stop is always the McDonald’s, because my Wednesday does not work without a breakfast of an Egg McMuffin with bacon, and a cappuccino.

This is also usually where I run into irritation, which I deal with, because I require said McMuffin and cappuccino to survive the day. Anyway.

The line at the McDonald’s tends to be backed up, because there’s only one or two people behind the counter and I am not the only one with a McMuffin dependency on Wednesday mornings. Also I seem to encounter an absurd number of people there who are tourists (dragging large suitcases through the line and not speaking German – fairly understandable at a train station McD’s), and less understandingly, are completely flummoxed by the breakfast menu. Being American and having been able to sing the Big Mac jingle at roughly the same age that I could speak at, this boggles my mind.


It’s McDonald’s breakfast.

There is a choice of about four things, on a McMuffin. Hash brown and coffee optional. This is not difficult. And if you can’t make up your mind, kindly move to the side where the homeless guy is napping until you make your decision. Some of us have trains to catch.

So this morning while I was waiting in the single open line for all the people in front of me to decide what they wanted, I was pulled out of my usual headphone-induced trance by the two guys in front of me. They were clad in the city of Nbg worker uniforms, which are a vibrant fluorescent orange and turquoise. But those colors aren’t what got my attention.

Because I had my headphones in, listening to a podcast that doesn’t require me to think too much before class at 8am, I didn’t hear the music that was playing. A few seconds earlier, I had noticed a lot of colors in my peripheral vision, but a quick glance at the TV hanging next to the counter hadn’t caught my interest. Until I saw the guys watching it.

Turning my head again, I looked at the screen. As per usual, they were showing a music video that I’d never seen before. My first thought was,

“Why the hell is Michael Jackson dancing on Sesame Street in a fluorescent pink blazer?”

If you haven’t seen the video… click away.

(Edited to add: okay, this is incredibly annoying. The video shows up when I read the post in the WordPress app, but not on either of our computers. So if you can’t see it either, just Google ‘Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk. Or some variation of that. I’m too tired to fight WP on this one right now. Sorry.)

A few tics later and I realized that it was Bruno Mars and not, in fact, Michael Jackson. I pulled out my headphones because I was very curious about what all that retro dancing was about and listened to the song. I quickly concluded that it was nothing that I wanted to hear, and certainly not at 6:50 am, and shoved my earbuds back in. But the guys couldn’t drag themselves away. It may have been the colors… I’m convinced all fast food places turn the color resolution (or whatever) on their TVs up all the way, because the pink jacket practically blinded me this morning, even though it looks fairly reasonable in the above video.

Perhaps the gentlemen were hypnotized by all the pixels, or perhaps they too thought MJ was back from the beyond for one last video. Either way, here are some .gifs that I think sum up their reactions fairly accurately…

First there was a little…

Followed up with a little…

I don’t think they were fans. But, somehow I doubt that middle-aged city of Nbg workers were the target market for Mr. Ronson and Mr. Mars.*

Listening to the song now as I searched for the video, I found it fairly catchy. But again… at 6:50 am? How about broadcasting the sweet sound of nothing? Because that is honestly the only thing I want to hear. I get that it’s the trend now to have techno/electronic/drum and bass/whatever the hell the kids are listening to blasting from every possible public speaker in stores and restaurants now but SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Please stop. Especially before 8.


*No offense to Nbg city workers, Mr. Ronson, or Mr. Mars intended.


5 thoughts on “Weird and Wacky Wednesday Vol. 3

  1. Your train is at 6:01?? I get up at 6 and that’s already too much for me!

    I will definitely need to google that video when I’m not at work – I’m intrigued now!

    • Only on Wednesdays, thank God! I could technically leave at 6.30 but then I would arrive 3 minutes before my class, and I’d rather have the 20 minutes of prep time. It does wreak havoc with my sleep schedule though!

      • Yeah, I’m up at 5.45, Monday to Friday, at the moment, and it’s killing me!
        I do like a bit of Bruno Mars – apart from when he sings ‘shoulda GAVE you all my hours…’ Grr. 🙂

      • Every day? Ouch! But hopefully that means you are raking in ze Euros. 🙂 And if you are looking for correct grammar usage, pop songs are definitely not the place to start (*lights ears on fire*).

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