Two Saturdays, Two Pictures

One of my favorite ways to spend a weekend is visiting our friends in the village, and we were lucky enough to do just that for part of the last two. Last Saturday, I left poor BV to his books, and headed down with another friend to help celebrate her birthday. Our villager friends had prepared an absolutely enormous bonfire, and we spent the evening eating cake, drinking drinks, and keeping warm in the cool spring evening air. The kids and the kittens played hide-and-seek, while the adults roasted cocktail shrimp over the coals.

bonfireThe fire burned down to coals and we finally turned in after midnight. The next day the kids were up and raring to go, whether the rest of us were or not. A long, slow, walk in the fresh air helped matters a bit, even more so with an extended break at the playground so the adults could sit for a minute. When we got back to the house, the fire was still smoking a bit… I guess it’s safe to say that adding more wood was pretty unnecessary.

This weekend we were invited back again, so BV could take part in a poker game that they’ve been trying to play since Christmas. He had his first round of tests on Friday, and we drove down when he got back from the class. A study break was very necessary, which meant he was in much better form after some whiskey, snacks, and man-time. He even came out โ‚ฌ5 ahead at the end… not bad considering he’s never really played poker much.

While the gents played, the ladies chatted over some wine, and helped to set up an absolutely fantastic fort that the kids’ Nana had made to fit under their stairway. Then some went to bed, and some of us joined the guys to watch the mayhem unfold. It was a fairly lively poker game, but keeping all the guys on track after they’d finished the first bottle of whiskey was challenging to say the least.

I turned in shortly after midnight, and BV came to bed when the game broke up around 3:30… presumably when the majority of them ran out of cash. I made the better choice though, as we were roused for breakfast by my favorite fairy-winged 4-year old before 9am… much earlier than either of us usually gets up on the weekend. BV wasn’t moving yet, but it was his loss. Home-made pancakes were well worth the early wake up call.

We were invited to stay another night, and to join the rest at a local dancing celebration and workshop that was taking place all weekend, but unfortunately BV had to get back to the books. I would’ve liked to stick around until Sunday, as they also had plans to visit a bird market and pick up some more chickens. But, I guess we’ll just have to wait until our next visit to meet the new additions. Until then, there are always the goats.



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