One Night in Munich

Whew. I’m on a slight high right now because I just finished booking a stream of AirBnbs for our Italian vacation in June. It has been entirely too long since either BV or I had a decent holiday, and the stress level around here lately has really gotten out of hand. He’s on the verge of starting his Master  project, and I’m trying to keep him from jumping out the window as a result. Needless to say, June cannot come fast enough.

Lest anyone think that we don’t have ANY fun, I thought that I’d share a rundown of our trip over Easter weekend. Originally we wanted to really “go away,” but family stuff on Friday and Monday ruled out anything too far. Instead, we hopped a south-bound train and spent some time in Munich. At this point, I’ve been there quite a lot (insert jaded traveler voice here), and so visiting the Hofbräuhaus isn’t top of the list, and we blow past the Glockenspiel photographers in Marienplatz as quickly as we can. So what was on our itinerary?

We arrived at the station about 2pm, and headed towards our AirBnb near the northern cemetery. After a quick inspection of the apartment, we decided to get out of the rain and visit the Neue Pinakothek, a large art museum that neither of us had been to before. We hadn’t really done any research on it, so neither of us knew exactly what they had and we were really impressed by the collection. There were a number of German painters that I had never heard of before, and some really beautiful work. In addition, there were also select pieces from the Alte Pinakothek on display, as parts of that are currently under renovation. They had some Van Gogh and Monet, which I am a sentimental sucker for, but they also had some more unusual things…

That woman looks like a total badass, and those goats appear to be delightfully mischievous. Photo-worthy, at least for me.

The Neue Pinakothek closed at 6, and since our dinner reservation wasn’t until 10, we needed to kill some time. Rain was still drizzling down, so sadly Munich’s wonderful biergarten were not an option. We wandered back to Odeonsplatz and resolved to find a bar to have a drink and a snack. My evil plan was to subtly steer BV back towards a cocktail bar that we had found on our last trip, but we both got distracted by the sign for the Pfälzer Residenz Weinstube, aka, a wine restaurant in the old palace. Sold.

We stayed there for about two hours, and slowly the crowd around us changed from tourists in rain gear to Munich’s well-dressed older residents. We felt slightly underdressed, but a delicious bottle of Auxerrois, and some bread and cheese helped to dull the sensation.

Sorry about the thumb. My iPhone photo skills severely deteriorate after a bottle of wine.

With almost two hours still to kill, we decided to walk off our wine buzz on the way to the Tap House. I’m not saying it makes sense. But I had recently downloaded the Untappd app (heatherinde, if anyone else is on there), and the app was directing me to craft beers. I was powerless. We neglected to remember that Munich is slightly more spread out than we’re used to, and so the walk was actually a refreshing 30+ minutes. Oh well. There were many pages of delicious beers to choose from, and just enough time to drink one and make the (much shorter) walk to the restaurant.

easterwk5This was BV’s choice. It tasted like more.

Only one beer was not nearly enough at that time, but since it had been so hard to get a reservation, we were not about to miss it. Shortly before 10pm, we walked over to the tram and rode to the restaurant. I had heard rumors about a place called the Burger House, and our trip mission was to verify its awesomeness. We were not disappointed. They have four locations in Munich, and are in high demand. It was a Saturday, I know, but when I tried making online reservations at some of the locations, they gave me options for Wednesday the following week…. damn. After much refreshing and trying of different times, we got in for 10pm. When we arrived, the place was packed and smelled friggin’ amazing. I needed the menu for all of five seconds before deciding on a truffle burger and sweet potato fries. BV ordered a burger with mozzarella, rucola, and tomato, and added truffles to his as well.

easterwk6Burger House for the win. Seriously. They were fantastic, and I will be back just as soon as I’m in Munich again.

Stomachs full, we walked back to the Tap House. I was not kidding when I said that those beers tasted like more.

The menu at that place is seriously out of hand. They have so many choices that it’s a bit overwhelming. Luckily, all their staff are beer sommeliers – apparently that’s a thing – and are happy to help you. In the above photo, you can see me enjoying a beer that I chose based on a different level of expertise. The tap it came from had antlers on it, and that made my decision. I don’t remember the name beyond the word “Holz” (wood), but I will remember the tap and the tastiness. And in the other photo, keen-eyed Midwesterner’s might recognize the logo for Milwaukee’s own Lakefront Brewery. Unfortunately the Tap House doesn’t have any of their beers, but our server said it was a future possibility.

Sunday morning I woke up early and feeling like a million bucks – basically unheard of – and BV was not moving. Apparently I should spend more time drinking beers with high percentage levels. We thought that we could leave when we wanted, but then I got a late-notice message from our AirBnb host that said she needed us to vacate the place by noon after all. That was actually a pretty good thing, because I’m not sure BV would’ve gotten his ass up if we hadn’t needed to go.

After packing up our gear, we decided to celebrate Easter Sunday by going for a traditional Bavarian breakfast of Weißwurst, pretzels, and beer. But on Easter Sunday, our options were limited as quite a few places were closed when we walked by. We ended up in the Weisses Bräuhaus, which I had heard was a good place to get Bavarian breakfast, but we were too late. They had other food though, have no fear. Because a lot of places were closed, the restaurant was packed and we ended up sharing the Stammtisch table with two gentlemen in Lederhosen and magnificent hats, and two tourists from Argentina.

A little hair of the dog for BV was just the ticket. Or it was the massive pork dish that he wolfed down… hard to say.

easterwk11For some reason, I really loved this painting on the way to the restrooms. Maybe it was the beers.

With our remaining afternoon, we decided to go out to Schloss Nymphenburg, and take a walk around their park. We slowly made our way back to the main station to store our backpacks, stopping for photos of sunny streets and coffee. Thank you Starbucks, for not being observant of religious holidays.

easterwk12Daffodils in spring are the best. Plus, there were way less people in my way than on Saturday.

Schloss Nymphenburg has a huge park, and we were not the only ones that thought it’d be a nice place for an Easter stroll. Kids, dogs, touristy couples, and buses lined the way around the lake in front of the palace, and the back gardens were no less busy.

Neither the visitors nor the swans pay any attention to the signs saying not to feed them. Many of the people we saw were carrying huge bunches of mistletoe, fallen from the trees in the park. I always thought mistletoe was more of a Christmas plant, but hey, what do I know?

easterwk15With our train time approaching, we left the Schloss and went back to wait for the tram. While there, I spotted this big news story…

easterwk16What stories could a 61-year old Easter rabbit tell? We didn’t buy the paper, so I guess now we will never know.

Short but sweet, Easter weekend in Munich was very enjoyable. Every time I go there I see more and more things I want to do on the next trip. It’s a good thing that it’s only a shortish train ride away!

Go to these places… let’s keep them in business!

Tap House Munich

Burger House Munich


8 thoughts on “One Night in Munich

  1. Best München review ever! The Glockenspiel is overrated… 😉 Störtebecker beer, so hard (impossible!) to find down south&so good!

    • Thanks so much, Ausländerin! It’s totally overrated, but people-watching there is pretty funny. It’s amazing how long people will hold up a camera for. 🙂 And everything we had at the Tap House was delicious. It’s probably a good thing that it isn’t closer to us or I’d try to move in. Thanks for the comment!

      • The best way to watch the Glockenspiel is from the Hugendubel café opposite, which is on the same level as the contraption. So you can enjoy the performance while slurping your coffee and without craning your neck The tourists don’t know, and the locals don’t care, so there’s always space 😉

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