Monday Quiz Day

A frequent ‘hobby’ for BV and myself is having quiz-time. Usually one of us (okay, I do) finds a quiz online and we then give it to the other person. Quite often these are horribly stupid, for example, ‘Which Full House kid are you?,’ but every once in a while, there is something that’s actually interesting.

After dinner tonight I was scrolling through my Facebox news feed and saw a link to a dialect quiz on Spiegel Online, one of the German news outlets. Since this is a subject that comes up A LOT around here, I thought it would be a good idea to put BV to the test, to see if he is a true Franconian. We started the quiz, and it immediately became clear that my usual tactic of reading all the questions/answers out loud to him was really not a good idea. For one thing, my pronunciation skills were not nearly up to the task, and for another thing, some of the questions had an absurd amount of possibilities. Example: question 22 asks what you would call the end of a loaf of bread. I just did a rough count, and there are at least 50 possible answers.

50 words… for bread crust.

Hey expats and other German learners?

We are screwed. Sorry to have to tell everyone.

We finally finished the test, and it gave five possibilities for the origin of BV’s accent. There was a little bit of range, but overall it would seem that he is a good little Franconian. I just re-did the quiz, and I think I answered a few differently than he did the first time, but you get the idea on the map.

germanyIf I remember right, when we did it the first time, Donauwörth was first, and Fürth was fourth. Nürnberg didn’t appear at all on our first try, so I guess that means I am more of a Nürnberger than BV is. But since we technically live in Landkreis Fürth, it’s probably more important to have Fürth on the list.

I remembered doing a similar test for U.S. dialects a few years ago, and handily the Spiegel article linked to it as well. I did it again for kicks and giggles, and apart from getting Salt Lake City as my third city, it’s pretty damn accurate.

usConsidering one of the questions was about what you call a water fountain though, my fate was sealed. It’s a bubbler, in case you were wondering. But mostly only in the greater Milwaukee area. Minneapolis/St. Paul makes sense as well though, since I spent a few years in northern Wisconsin at university, and there’s a lot of Minnesotan influence there.

So readers, put yourselves to the test… or your significant others, and let me know in the comments if you agree on the accuracy. Linguistic fun for the win!


14 thoughts on “Monday Quiz Day

  1. Holy cats! That (US) quiz nailed my dialect! Wisconsin is dark red, and just barely bleeds into the neighboring states. My main cities are Milwaukee, Madison, and Rockford, IL. I never got the bubbler question, though (of course it’s a bubbler!) I grew up in Sheboygan and never lived further away from there than 70 miles until I moved to Germany. Thanks for posting – that was fun!

    • No bubbler question? Huh, I’ll have to try it again to see if there are different questions this time. Sounds like you’ve got the WI dialect down though, even without the bubbler one to give it away. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

      • Perhaps they have different questions, or perhaps it was so obvious I clicked through that question so fast I forgot I even saw it! 🙂 I took the German quiz, too, and it pegged my location pretty well – mostly in Swabia with a touch of Hochdeutsch. I don’t speak Swabian, but I answered the questions based on what I commonly hear around me.

      • Yep, just took it again and there are a few different questions. Now I’m Milwaukee, Madison, or Buffalo. Haha. And it sounds like you’re in the right place here, too. 🙂

  2. Ha, what fun! I just did the quiz, and it was fairly accurate… though some of the suggested locations put me a tad too far east (Deggendorf?!? That’s bloody Niederbayern!). Dachau was the closest option, and it really is damn close to where I’m from 🙂

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