May: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Okay, okay, I know that the title of this post doesn’t make a ton of sense on June 2nd but I have no idea what happened to the month of May. Between all the long weekends, nights away from home, and of course, train strikes, the month absolutely flew by. I will get some posts up about at least some of what we got up to, but in the interest of checking in on here, here’s a brief rundown of May…

wildflower bouquet

Wildflowers rescued from our garden pre-mowing.


May 1st: aka, the first of 743949 holidays in the month. Took a day-trip down to see one of King Ludwig II’s palaces, Schloss Linderhof.

First week: The train strike party continued, meaning that I spent half the week in transit…. thanks DB!

the 10th: Mother’s Day, spent once again the Franconian Switzerland, per BV’s mom’s request.

the 14th: Ascension Day, the beginning of another 4-day weekend.

the 14th-18th: Since it was a 4-day weekend and BV’s birthday, we spent it in South Tyrol. Copious amounts of mountain pictures are forthcoming… have no fear.

the 18th: Managed to arrive back home a mere hour before I had to jump on a train to meet a new private student. Nothing like cutting it close… keeps life interesting. Or it makes you lean forward in the car to try and make it go faster.

the 18th-22nd: BV had the week off to study for the last round of his tests on the next weekend; the usual amount of wandering around and requests to be murdered followed.

the 23rd: He drove off to kick the ass of his tests, and I headed to a wedding for the day. He met up with the party later, lest an opportunity to wear a tie go to waste!

the 24th: Headed home from the wedding, and decided to make a quick stop-off by his friend the Gardener. Several hours and a carload of plants later, we returned to the house and planted our much-more-organized-than-last year-garden.

the 25th: Whit Monday, another holiday, on which we did exactly nothing. It was notable and amazing.

the 30th: Together this time, we drove to another wedding that was just far enough out of town to require another night away. More ties and ill-advised shoes!

the 31st: We were invited to BV’s dad for lunch, so again we drove straight there to be fed enough food to feed a small army.

Oh, and this Thursday is yet another day off, so that’s another long weekend. The last one until the fall… how will we ever survive?

Yeah. That was a lot. In fact, after reliving all of it just now, I might have to go lie down for a few minutes. There will be more posts about some of these funtivities, but for now, it’s blanket, garden, book time!


9 thoughts on “May: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.

  1. May was awesome and I hope a taster of what the rest of the summer here is going to be like! Looking forward to reading all about your adventures 🙂 I too have made the ill-advised wedding shoes mistake. I made it to the end of the driveway of our B&B and changed into my flip-flops for the rest of the day 🙂

    • Sadly it’s not even a big deal for me as all of my weekends are at least 3 days. It’s nice for BV though. 🙂 And on the other side, I’m jealous of your paycheck. I do miss a “normal” job some days.

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