Weird and Wacky Wednesday: Donkey Bridge Edition

*Technically these all happened last week Wednesday, but as I had decided to start the long weekend immediately after work, the post comes today.*

Weird thing #1: Shit Students Say

First off, if any of you folks not in Germany have forgotten about the magical German ‘donkey bridge,’ please see this post. 🙂

Last week, one of the students in my advanced class was showing off some of the new vocabulary he had learned with his new smartphone app. For the mere price of 5-10€ (he had already forgotten what he paid for it), he had the three to five thousand most common English words in his pocket and wanted to share the joy. One of his favorite new words was ‘tadpole,’ and this is what followed.

R: “Tadpole. I like this word. And I have a very good donkey bridge for it.”

S & A: “Okay.”

R: “Do you want to know what it is?”

S: “Well since you brought it up, I think you want to tell us.”

Heather: *coughs to cover up laughter*

R: (VERY PROUDLY) “I think of a gay son** named Ted, dancing at a pole.”

S, A, & Heather: *staring*

R: “Ted, dancing with a pole!”

Heather: *can’t cover it up this time* laughing, laughing laughing

S & A: “Yeah… okay….” laughing a little

** We’ll assume that by ‘son’ he means something along the lines of ‘young man.’

Shortly after this, ‘A’ expressed disbelief that anyone could possibly have use for three to five thousand English words. She was under the impression that you really only need a few hundred in normal life. I think they vastly underestimate how many words they actually know and use so one of these days I might record our lesson and take a count.

For my part, I was glad to see that the ‘learning English’ apps have just as many seemingly random words as the ‘learning German’ apps (if you’ve forgotten that rodeo, read this post). Oh, and yes this was at the same company that brought us the table dancing incident. I’m sensing a theme here.

Weird thing #2:

The “T-shirt of the Day” award goes to the guy in the U-Bahn who was wearing a shirt emblazoned with the phrase:

“Nude and Cute”

I just… don’t know what else to say about that…

The summer season has really been bringing the crazy English on t-shirts trend out, so I’m hoping to spy a few more winners in the upcoming weeks. I’ll keep you posted, and leave any recent favorites in the comments, please!


11 thoughts on “Weird and Wacky Wednesday: Donkey Bridge Edition

  1. Hopefully this is going to Heather. I am looking for a German e-mail pal. I am trying to learn German and maybe I can trade off with another kid trying to learn English. I am going to be 15 this month so I don’t know what the age range of your students is. My mom follows your bloc (Ilsa Olsen) and suggested I contact you. Thanks You Anders Olsen

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