Beers and Selfies

Once again it’s June, and that means that the Veldensteiner brewery has plastered the city of Nürnberg with its latest round of advertisements. Previously they’ve featured a freaky-deaky Snow White, and Noah’s Ark. This year however, their artist, Bruno Haberzettl, has decided to take on the selfie culture.

As an aside, I loathe the word “selfie.” However, it’s a whole cultural issue that just makes me nuts and it’s Friday so I shall stay off of my soapbox. For now anyway…

On to the art!

veldensteiner selfieThe American PC side of me finds this mildly inappropriate, but it’s still pretty funny.

As to the beer drinker’s reaction to the selfie, on the rare occasion that I’ve seen tourists take pictures with Germans in the beer gardens or beer halls, they have looked at least somewhat happier than this guy does. So that’s good news.

BV and I decided that since Veldensteiner has taken on the selfie trend, we should get on board with it as well. Please enjoy this selfie, and a rare sighting of BV on the blog.

hand selfieLuckily for us, our favorite local Gasthof has the Veldensteiner dark beer as their house specialty. It is delicious, and even better when we can enjoy it on the terrace under their giant chestnut tree which absolutely drips with pink blossoms in early summer. It’s safe to say that we look much happier than the guy in the ad, even if you can’t see our faces.

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