Monterosso al Mare in Pictures

The first part of our summer vacation was spent exploring the villages of the Cinque Terre National Park in Italy. The original plan was to hike from village to village, but as some parts of the trail were closed, we ended up hiking some days, and making use of the highly efficient train system on others. I do have a lot of thoughts on Cinque Terre in general, but to start off, I’ll be posting a brief synopsis of our visit to each town, along with photos. So enjoy!

Monterosso's beach in New Town

Monterosso’s beach in New Town

Monterosso al Mare is the northernmost town of the five Cinque Terre villages. We hiked there from Levanto (more on that later!), and stayed one night. The village is split into two parts, the old and new sides, and we spent our evening exploring the new side after we ate dinner. We wandered the beach and promenade, enjoying the quiet evening atmosphere. As we learned, the Cinque Terre villages nearly empty at night, but are no less lovely.

monterosso al mare2

The beach at night is perfection…

monterosso al mare3

…but watch out for lounging couples!

monterosso al mare4

Rides at rest.

monterosso al mare5

Samoyeds forever!

We slept like rocks after our night of driving and day of hiking, but were up bright and early to head to the next village. The second day dawned much cooler so swimming was out (for a bit, anyway), and instead we took some time to wander the streets of the old side of town.

The most-photographed rock in Monterosso al Mare.

The most-photographed rock in Monterosso al Mare.

View from the promenade.

View from the Old Town promenade.

Monterosso alleyways.

Monterosso alleyways.

Italy in a nutshell.

Italy in a nutshell.

Shops setting up for the day.

Shops setting up for the day.

Balcony color.

Balcony color.

The quiet beach in Old Town.

The quiet beach in Old Town.


Have you been to Monterosso al Mare? What did you think?


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